Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Craft Party

Hosted by my freind Gayle. Every year Gayle hosts a craft party for all her friends. Yet another function for us all to gather and have some fun, I was so happy to got to attend.... She keeps the craft a surprise until we arrive which is fun, but kinda hard, means you have to turn on your creative juices right away to get yours done. This year she had tons of different cigar boxes for us to choose from. What a fun idea. Who knew there were so many kinds and the Smoke shops sell them for about $2. to $3. each....cheap..I decided to make one to hold my scissors, glue and small items I need on the fly when I head out to craft with freinds. But with me it has to match my craft room ..UGH! the saga begins lol...not really I instantly had a idea that I could NOT! complete at this party so here are the highligths and the ones who did get finished...You go ladies, beginning with the guests...still need to get a pic of myself..lol..

Sandy, Toni and Barb

Lynn, Terra and Erin

Drying feet was a difficult thing to do..but our Hostess Gayle quiclky come up with a solution for us..a bowl with bird feed and small glue sticks....clever uh...

Some of the ones that got thiers finished are

and Erin with her princess box filled with tiaras

I will have to post mine a bit later trying hard with all my activites to get it done...I still have several friend gifts to finsih too...got some great items I am working on to show you soon so please visit again...Happy Holidays...


Jodie LeJeune said...

Now how fun is this. I wish I had someone to play with down here in Louisiana. Ya'll look like a fun group of gals!!!
everything vintage

Venus said...

Glad your parties were a success! Looks like you all had the best time.

Brenda said...

looks like every one had a good time!!
Can't wait to see yours I love seeing your work!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! I know that your box is going to be absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! Blessings :) Tammy