Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say a Prayer

Please say a prayer for my freind Donna over at

she lost her little Fezzik after complications from a surgery....
If you go and read her Fezzik Fridays posts you can see we all were along for the ride as Fez grew and showed us his personality....
I shed tears with my freind as I know her pain...

please pop on over and give her a lift ...
I will keep my prayers for you Donna, handsome and Kes
such a sad day for all
RIP Fex and find my Lil Lucky he will show you the way..
run  and play until the day
we can all see you again

My Deepest Sympathies

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking a break

Hi Fellow Bloggers and my freind Followers...
I wanted to let you know I haven't run away..
I am taking a small break from Bloggin...
been having back problems and other things going on...
but I have so many things to share with you...
will be back to my bloggin self soon...
so please do keep visiting..
I have so many back posts that will help keep you busy until I can return...
it won't be long  I can assure you...
thanks for understanding and please don't run away....  

See y'all again soon.....happy crafting my freinds..


Friday, April 15, 2011

Blissful ATC Swap- April

I joined the Blissful ATC Swap  for April and the theme is

Steam Punk

ok so this is my first try with this style of work.....
I was a bit stressed..
I have seen so many cool ones out there...
I was searching my graphics and found this
one a friend sent me at some point...
I loved it ...
had it as my desktop background for some time....
but what could I do to it....

then at work I wanted some cookies from the vending machine...
I know I didn't really need them...
but hey a great idea sparked from it...
Can you imagine this a place of inspiration...
well in my little Betty Boop sequined coin purse was a treasure I have
had for about 3 to 3 1/2 years...
just hanging out in there..
can you tell I don't want to get rid of anything
incase I can use it later....
Yep, thats me and it paid off in this incident

my swap partner for this month is my new friend

I sure hope she likes my first attempt....
here it is

this is my side

and the details upclose
yep can you see my saved find
the sampler lenses
from my first pair
of glasses.
not sure why I asked to have them
but he did give them to me
and I saved them
just for this project..

So funny uh!

here is Becky's side

and the set.
this is the first I have done a set
usually they match each other
these are a mirror image of each other

What do you think.
I loved them and I am so happy to give up my saved
gems after all these years.
one more thing outta here

and here is the card I recieved from

I will be taking a break from swapping ATC cards...
I love doing them and collecting them...
was hoping to make more freinds from doing them...
I have moved to a different medium for a while...
stay tuned...
Happy Swapping no matter what it is

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Please Say A Prayer

For my very best little friend Lucky...
he went off on his journey to Heaven yesterday...
my heart is broken and sad...
Lucky lived with me for 10 years...
he come to me an abused broken little guy..
already near death
and soon healed to be the sweetest little lovely dog ever...
he held my problems on his little 3 lb shoulders,
licked my tears and brought me some of the greatest joys in life...
 I will so dearly miss you.
And will certainly never ever forget you

please join me in his travels to Heaven
and say a small prayer for him

he will rest from now on
in a beautiful place in the country
with his special friend Angel
thanks so much Charlie.
I couldn't have done this day
without you

a video my daughter made....

R.I.P.  my sweetest Little Friend.
I Love you with all my heart
Little Mister
Little Sweet Boy
Chuka Lucka
Mister Mister
Sweetest boy ever in the world
I miss you lots already

Love Mom.

  A letter sent from my dear friend Deb at

Proper Prim

Letter from Lucky

Hi Mom,

Just wanted to let you know that I arrived safely to heaven. It is beautiful up here. They have the perfect weather all the time to go out and play.
There are so many other dogs to play with and they even had my favourite treats waiting for me.
I have no pain and I am able to run freely now.
I really miss you and the family, but know that I am watching down on you and I am just a voice away. I can hear every word you say to me. So please don't be sad and no more tears it makes it so hard for me to be happy and play when I see the pain you are in.
You gave me such a good life and you loved me so much but it was my time to go and I thank you for allowing me to live a new painless life.
Give the kids a big lick for me and tell them I am watching over them all also.
Love you and miss you.
Your sweet Angel... Lucky

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toadly Fun to See

The time of year when things are in bloom and start to sprout up...
I seen some cute little toad stools on line while blogging....
they stuck in my mind ...
so one evening I set out to make my own little toad stools...
these are not nearly as pretty as the ones I had seen...
but merely my ruff draft to make more...
and I will make more.
I liked these so much..
take a look see

the bottoms next time will have some stitching

I think they are adorable.. in my my recycling ways...
uses wine corks as the bases...

stay tuned for more toad stools... or mushrooms as my freind calls them

Happy Spring

the ones I see were all made of wool..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flowers for My Girl

I have been making all kinds of flowers lately...
 not sure why this year I am so into them....
there are so many fun ones out there to make...
I wanted to make a head band to match my grand-daughters dress...
so off I went to find me one....

My model Jenni proudly displays my creation...

isn't she pretty.... lol

I went on to make a few others from the same fabric
different centers..some will get leaves

and one a bit smaller for a pin maybe

Then I had to try a few others I found in my research
this one is so cute in person

this is a knarly little rose but in a bunch of them looks very pretty

then the next two are fun to make and so very fun to use

they all need leaves to

Here is my cluster of flowers... aren't the pretty..

I will be making more, you can count on it.
I am hooked on flowers this year.

you have any fun flowers directions you can share with me.
I would love the see them and try them out..

Happy Spring

Friday, April 8, 2011

Totally Inspired to Craft

I was totally inspired to craft today...
by my freind

one look at her post I knew what I was doing today...
no I wasn't drinking wine,
but I was making something with wine corks....
here take a look at hers first

then come back and take a look at mine...
I have the same tray as hers...
but decided to make a smaller one for my daughter kitchen table.

the parts..

my design, not perfect but it looks good
Lolly has way better corks than

and in use

thanks Miss Lolly for a fun project for me to work on today...

I have a few more Cork projects coming up so stay tuned

Happy Drinking and Happy Crafting..

P.S. none of the wine was consumed by me
P.S.S. (Important) Please if you drink DON'T DRIVE!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Treasure Barn ATC Swap

I joined the ATC Swap with  

my partner is Miranda,
she is 12 years old...
I didn't know until part way thru the swap that she was...
I was excited to see her work...
and she didn't disappoint me ...
I loved her card...
and it is my first swap with a young artist.
I would do it again in a second.

Take a look see and her work

Our theme is


look at all the fun details she added for me
the colors all blended so well..
and my favorite thing
and ofcourse
the Shamrock too

she also sent me a cute little note card too

and finished out the Shamrock them on her Envy

Great work Miranda... I hope you check this out
she cannot blog just yet
I had tons of fun swapping with you

here is my card sent to her
I did mine at Art Group over at

for our March Class

I got to try several things
Metal works
Destressing with a Sander
Glitter and Stamping

I hadn't worked with Metal before, can you say


I just had tons of fun with it.
Then out hostess

had this wonderful stamp for the back of it
I just love it...I want it for me

and did you see it....
did ya...
I decorated the back side...
I did it..
and I love it too

Hope you can join me in any one of the ATC swaps I do
they are so much fun to make and trade
and you can try new fun things in a small way
if you like it
Make something BIG!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy Pin Cushion Sew-A-Bit

  I got another pin cushion base in the mail and
have done a bit of work on it....
this one is for

 it  already visited

 she did all the flowers and the cute little tree....
she is also our hosted for this fun swap around...

Val wanted us to add something special to us or where we are from...
so I added a Longhorn and some BlueBonnets....
All so very Texas!!!

here is the last one I had with me from

I added this little bunny because she was with me close to Easter
this is only my second try at this kind
of hand work
it is so much fun
and very creative too

this one has moved on to its next home with

cannot wait to see the fun things she adds...
I see she has
added some fun details to my base over at

I so love the little details she added
and she has a great tip for us
all to use and try too

thanks Val

check them all out in updates at

Happy Stitchin