Sunday, February 28, 2010

MIrror Accents

     I wanted to make my master bath room mirror stand out and look prettier than the normal mirrors that come with your new house...I love distressed wood. So when I seen this idea at one of my favorite blogs I had to do it...I loved the results alot...just what my big mirror needed....and oh so easy too.. best part is if I don't like it I just pull it off no mars, nothing....all good in the design word. Mine is a bit different than how they did thiers...mine is have another treatment I did to the center top of my mirror.

Find thier version at Shanty 2 Chic

and here is my version......

the supplies, I painted with black flat acrylic paints bought at Bobby Lobby onto these wood accents

then sanded them a bit and attached Fun-Tak to the careful with this because, if to close to the edge and you will see it..and ifg you notice it is blue.

then my finished results...Lovely

   looks like it is finished off now...what a great little accent, and removable so if I ever move they come with me to decorate my next mirror. Try you hand at a small project that makes a big difference.

Enjoy your day...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tinkerbell Fun

   I made this solder charm necklace with matching bracelet for my grand-daughter. She had some thing with these small graphics on them...not sure what they are from. Her mom sent them to me. I totally recycled them to something fun.. So I watch out for all kinds of things to use for this fun craft, I am also making a Christmas ornament with a graphic from a candy box . It is a bit bigger thou...

The Necklace

now isnt that adorable?

   So the charm bracelet. The little 1/2"x1/2" charms were a challenge for a new not achievable. I had a problem here too,  becasue these were the last thing I worked on this night, at my birthday party. That being said means I was full of spirits by the time I got to these..and in my mind I thought I will just get the solder on there and fix them up tomorrow. Well once you get all that solder on it is very hard to get it back off. Especially on such a little charm. See example below...

      Needless to say they were a mess, a big mess. so while looking at the finished project a bit later in this post please keep this in mind...I think I might have been attempting to do some decorative soldering myself. I am sticking to this story.

The Bracelet

     It will be hard for her to find things with her name on it, since the spelling is different than Danica Patrick's  (famous racecar driver) name. Pronounced the same thou..Even with its defects I still think it is just adorbale and I know she will love it too. And it is just her size.

    I need to design some more stuff to work on...this completes the stuff  I soldered on my birthday....

   Just please remember don't drink and had a fun time thou.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Key Chains for my Girls


   Yep you guessed it I am still  I have been working to finish up the charms I made at my birthday party. The key chains turned out nicer than I could have wished for. I  LOVE! them and thier style. I need to make one for myself now uh.  I formed the letters by hand in a fancy swirlly style. This was good ...I need to learn to attach things and still keep it looking pretty. I am getting better at the jump rings. They are the hardest part to put on. This is an art and it does take practice to get it all smooth..


     Part of my problem on these were, I was making them at my birthday party and we were drinking just a tad bit! So in my post for tomorrow you will see how these started out. I think I did a pretty good job cleaning them back

              Don't drink and Solder if you want them to be

      I chose to leave these in the polished solder color. I get to do the other fun craft of bead work with these also. I double looped a few of the rings for strength. I hope they hold up well...

     Stay tuned for the Tinkerbell set I made for my was small and challenging for sure..

    If you haven't tried this craft I encourage it...this is very easy and so much fun and make great gifts too...a great way to use up some of the beads you have hanging around also..

   Once again thanks for stopping by to visit...stayed tuned for more soldered items..


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Gift....for my Daughter

     I got this all finished and ready to give my daughter for her wedding. It was made to hang from the rear view mirror in her car. The graphics are her favorites, she has many in her house. The finish on this charm is called Patina. I love the darkened color of this alot and you will see it in my furture projects. It also comes in Copper patina that I cannot wait to try out...I am a gold person myself.  I had lots of fun making the design for this charm. I will be designing more real soon..

    I am so glad I went to learn how to make the solder picture charms. They are so much fun, watch for more of my finished creations in the coming days.

    I also cannot wait to see my daughter get married to this man....they were truely made for each other..and see thier family unite as one. He is a soldier in the Army, so please keep prayers for him..he is due to be deployed to Iraq in August.

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to visit me today.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easter Already.....

     I am already in a swap for Easter card and treats.....I like doing swaps to see new techniques and different is my style....

Egg Hunt Card

Needed a Bunny to hide all those eggs....and I love Pez

Bunny Card

See the froggy with bunny ears.....hence the little frog peeps for a treat..

Pastels are hard for me to work with...I tend to lean towards the darker colors so this was a challenge for me and I really liked my results..Happy Early Easter my blogland friends.


All graphics from : PC Crafter Artists

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

          I didn't have plans for my birthday , but my friends did....Ann Marie took me to lunch at Salt Grass.  I had prime rib, Sweet potato and a side salad.... with Rasberry lemon-aide..It was Yummo!!...

        Then Gayle and a few other ladies come over with dinner, spirits, gifts and a fun craft for us all to do.

The Dinner

       Dinner was grilled Fish and Chicken with Sweet potatoes, add cinnamon butter ... a side of  Brussel sprouts and Peach jello with whipped creme topping for dessert...... I at this point have eaten way to much food for one day....But man it was all so good!!!

Then the Bartender Set up the Spirits

Margeritta Mix as a base, then add your flavor
I had Rasberry

love the bottle with the red dress on

My Friends

The Hostess / Bartender

The Cards

A gift from Gayle

....if you remember back to the Christmas party at her house we made altered cigar boxes....she made this one and I so loved it....This is the first hand made item I have recieved from her. She is an awesome painter...and crafter. We have tons of fun crafting together.

and on to the fun craft...Solder Jewels...of all designs

I don't advise to Drink and Solder at the same as good quality as you will see from mine..



she makes awesome jewelery, this was her first time with solder


she just had surgery on her foot and didn't feel comfortable soldering so she used the pre-made framed kind and decorated it all up for the teacher in her life.

and last but not least, mine....

a necklace and charms to make a bracelt for my granddaughter

 Two key chains with initials and a key ornament

          I need to add beads, chains and embellishments to mine... had to many spirits to finish them up on my much socializing on my part...also I had to go back the next day and try to fix what I had done...which I thought was awesome the night before...I had so much solder on these poor litttle charms it was so funny...but I had a blast at my party. It has been far to many years since I celebrated in anyway on this day....Thanks to my friends I had a a totally awesome day...Thanks you guys. 

              So I will repost mine when I have them polished and finished into something beautiful....

Hope you always get to enjoy your special day....

              A special thanks to my blogland freind Tammy at T's Daily Treasures  for sending so many of her friends to give me good Birthday wishes...I have so many new places I follow now..she has awesome friends...please stop by and wish her well and tell her I sent you..she inspires me everyday.....I hope her birthday this month is as fun as mine was....

Thanks to everyone special in my life I had a wonderful Birthday...thanks all y'all..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gifts and Prizes

I am way behind on my bloggin and the reason why is......I stopped to celebrate Valentines with a special someone and I also needed to Celebrate my Birthday with some special friends ....  I will start back with the prize I won at ....

       isn't this the most beautiful pincushion you have ever seen....OMG! I love it, thanks so much Sherry for choosing me to be the will go with my other treasured pin cushions in the sewing area of my craft room...check out here site for the lovely style I love so much...

Next is....



    I recieved the most special valentine/ ATC card from my freind  Donna . Donna's hand work is so very awesome and first class quality work...I am so honored to recieve this special Valentine from her and it will be a lovely addition to my ATC Collections....Thanks so much Donna for thinking and sharing with me...check out her site...such beauty for your eye to see..

I am so sorry I am late in my Thanks to these ladies...but life happens and I don't get to Celebrate very often Sherry and Donna please except my grafteful and heartfelt Thank You ....I love my things and will cherish them both for a very long time...Hugs


Thursday, February 18, 2010

300th Post Giveaway

is going on right now at my freind  Donna's Blog.  If you haven't visited her blog before  be prepared to be dazzled...She makes wonderful hand crafted items....I have a few of the things she has made...I won a needle keeper that I use almost everyday now...I had never seen one before, now I cannot live with out it..  and she just sent me a little hand made valentine ATC to come....

Please on my advise go for a visit and see the peace that is radiates thur Donna's Blog ..

Enjoy your day and good luck on the is worth it...Thanks Donna..and congrats on you 300th post...


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Giveaway ....check it out

Karen at My Dessert Cottage is hosting a giveaway to celebrate her 500th follower....I don't even have 100....and she is on 500...I can totally understand why thou..her blog is one of my favorites ...go check it will love it there too... here is the fun stuff she is giving away...I love the handmade box..,,lovely ...lovely ...lovely

good luck...Thanks Karen and congrats on the 500 blogland friends..


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

    I am attending a Valentine function so I needed to make some fun valentines for my friends...I seen this idea at Skip to My Lou..I just love all the fun kids ideas she has and recipes and other very creative stuff there...check it out you will be hooked on her blog too....and the cost of Candy Canes after Christmas makes this so affordable. I got my boxes for $.09 each. can you believe that....

I also attached some small personalized valetine cards to the sides of each heart....I hope they like them as I do...

for the couples I hooked them together

for the singles

you could make these with the colored or flavored  candy canes..and attach to the fronts of cards or packages....the ideas are almost endless.....

Happy Valentines my blogland friends


Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Snow in Texas

Yesterday brought a full blanket of white started with a sheet of snow...then added a blanket of snow...on top of all that a comforter of snow for a record total of 9.3" .  I havent' seen snow like this in years and it is the fun snowball making snow too...Very heavy winter white. We have to enjoy it quickly because by tomorrow it will be close to gone.

in the beginning Lucky found one small spot of grass left..the snow was coming down so straight it left spots uncovered

Bentley was having a grand time

but then came more snow and Lucky seems to be smiling

soon it became to deep for little Lucky to be out, but Bentley just laid on top of it fully content to be out in it

there were piles of snow everywhere

not sure how I got the blue hues, but I do love them

oh and the poor trees carrying the burden of the white beauty...Mine are all young and strong and with held the snow well

This made it horrible for travel..Texas just isn't perpared for such snow fall. My neighborhood streets go left unattended..I have no shovel ..They were left up North when I moved South...You can bet I will have one next year thou...They were gouging us $40 a shovel... I was lucky and got to enjoy the beauty from home, safe and warm..Today it is starting to falls from trees in big  loud clumps. Bentley got a big wad dropped right on him...but quickly shook it off and went on his back yard romp in the snow again.

my favorite picture is my yard lights with little top little soldiers all in a row

I hope you can enjoy the day as it comes no matter what it might bring...last time it snowed like this here I moved closer to poor little car is not cut out to drive the snow...

I did get a bit of crafting and some house cleaning done, then got called to work for a bit of over time...I can use that..

Enjoy your day the way it is.......