Friday, July 29, 2011

July Art Group

I attended the July Art Group at

We learnt to distress with paints, stencils and stamps

Here are some of my pages

I distress painted the back side of a
Snickers Ice Cream box
then stamped this lovely Dress form
I will add embellishments soon

Then on this Sample tile from Lowe's
I paint the back side of the tile with gold and black metalics
Then modge podged a black paisley napkin to it.
Will add some laces and gems to this later

On to my manilla envelope on the front side
I painted, distressed, layered and had tons of
Fun expermenting with things
Then I stamped the Fluer De Lis and Cherish on top
Of it all. I have a few small embellisments left for this side
but for now
I like it just fine

The backside of the manilla envelope
I did the same using different distress techniques
And some other fun stamps
A little hand work with my pen
and It is looking pretty good too

I messed a bit with this paint chip ..
Will soon be a fun
Pull out tag

Miss Tracy shared a product that is easy to come by
The packaging from something Prima!

We used different napkins modge podged onto it
On the front I used three different napkins

On the back side I used just one beautiful napkin
Next Month we will be swapping nakins
To build our stash you see!

Then on my own I did a few fun things also
I covered my rings with cute little fabrics covers

A bit of doodling here on my ticket to CATS!

To Zentangles on my Cherrioes Top

Then I Tangled the backside too

Then I had to add a piece of the now famous
Reclaimed Quilt I have been playing with
I made a cute pocket on my pink glittery page

I added a few gems to this page that will soon
Be a journaling page in my book

I hope you are enjoying the journey of my book..
 Cannot wait till next months class
To see what Susan teachs us to do

Happy Garbage Collecting..... hehehe!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stitchin Fingers Round Robin- Rengin

I have recieved another block from my

This one belongs to Rengin (Turkey) and has been
Worked on by Cat (Canada) already.
I have a few ideas for it
But my eye hasn't seen a clear beauty for it just yet
Any Ideas for me?

Look at this lovely lace treatment

And these flowers over the ribbon so cute

I will show you what I come up with
For my part of Rengin's block soon

Happy Stitchin


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July

I started this month with a Post for Christmas in July
So thought I should also end it with one
Out of all my paper mache's heads
I have one item complete.
My craft time has been slow, my back issues totally interfere
With this process... lol.. what can ya do right

Check this little Snowman out

He is mounted on a salt shaker

I used Spray adhesive to get the glittery texture on the bottle
It dries with a foggy apperance
Really pretty cool actually
His little hat is a wooden flower pot
Turned upside down

I made some Clay noses a few years back. I think
I have a few left.. time to make more
I have used all the noses and all the coal eyes

I need to get the rest of my paper mache' stuff done
This turned out so cute I am inspred to
Finish the others

Happy Christmas in July
Try out this new texture technique
It is really quite fun


Monday, July 25, 2011

A Birthday Card

I made a zebra stripped set for my neice Hannah for her birthday...
you can see it HERE
Well I punched out all the swirled deals...
And so much paper gets wasted when you do this..
But some how...
I got a perfect set from one of the black papers...
Folded in half it makes a perfect card

Just Add Gems and all is well... hehehe!

I did some hand work to the inside of the card

I elevated the "H" for a bit of texture

This card perfectly matched the set I sent her
Sure hope she likes this for her
9th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Miss Hannah
Love Aunt DeeDee

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freeze Pop Covers

I work for the railroad as a Train Dispatcher...
I work a yard that means
I also work with yardmasters..
My yard masters summer and winter constantly eat
Freeze Pops 
So two of them I sent a fun little gift for them
Freeze Pop Wraps with thier names
On them or in this case nick name...

They loved them

So simple in design..
If I ate these I would so have to make me
A reclaimed quilted one...
So sorry about it. 

Staying cool in the Texas heat isn't easy at all
So maybe I need some
Freeze Pops of my own

Hope your enjoying your Summertime

Friday, July 22, 2011

COH DYOB #3 - Week 1

I am in the swap for
Yahoo group again this round
Our first stitch for us to do is the

Herringbone Ladder Stitch

I added it this way to act as
A garden path
Thru my soon to be
Flower Garden #2

This will match the girl one I did  HERE

I plan on adding them to a canvas bag
I purchased some time back
Cannot wait to see
Them both done.
I am a bit behind on my 2

Happy Stitchin

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Different Quilt- Reclaimed

Ok this project is from one of the other quilts
Nelda gave to me.
Not so Shabby Chic.
More picnic like I think...

With that theme in mind
 I made a
Silverware Pouch
For my lunch bag

Cute and simple

Holds all I need for lunchs at work
I have other things in here too
Small Scissors, etc

So simplistic, but so useful
I have been using it for over a month
And it works great, I get so many compliments on it

I have several ideas in mind for this quilt too
I just love them
So fun to work with

Happy Stitchin

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Reclaimed Quilted Project

I am here again with another project made from my reclaimed quilt
I hope you don't get sick of these becasue
I have a few more on the table to do with this...

Hope you can use it as your inspiration to
Recycle, Reclaim and Repurpose
Those things that can have a new life...

This was a special quilt given to me by my friend Nelda
She made a pillow from it and lost inspiration
As to what else she could use it for
I have been sending her updates.
I doubt I will get any more from her now


Here we go ..this time I made a
Quilted Cell Phone Case
For my very own phone.
I can never find pretty ones that
 I  like
Or that fit my phone
So I designed this one
after one that
Janelle Wind
has in her
Pieces of Me book

The front little pocket holds my headset
So I always have it with me

I love it.. and will use it lots too!
Practical reclaimed
Cell Phone Case
Keeps my phone scratch free
And if I drop it
It is padded

Stay tuned for my other projects made
From the reclaimed quilts given to me
They have totally inspired me
To create!!

Happy Stitichin

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stitchin Fingers Round Robin- Cat

My friend

Has me in all kinds of fun swaps and round robins with her....
She is surely helping me to enhance my stitching abilities.
 We both Joined the Stitchin Fingers group...
(find thier link on my side bar)

Well we are in a Spring Garden Round Robin Swap

I recieved my first block from
Cat Candow in Canada

 Love the greens for the base as we are to
Stitch flowers and bugs and all kinds
of Spring garden stuff
We also send a book along with it
To journal its journey

Look close at it
Someone has already drawn a small flower on it
Wasn't me...hehehe!
 I noticed it after I took the picture

I did my first Spider web stitchin on her block
Down in the far left corner
Fun part is I stitched a snap to the spider
So he is removable for washing..
Hope they like my idea as I did
Other wise I will be making a spider to attach.


Then I stitched a small Rose Garden
On a fancy little fence
With a rick rack dirt base to boot
Wish I could get a better pic of this.

And here you have it
My little corner all finished up
And ready to ship on to the next person

So now I await my next block to work on
Um! what shall I do to that one
I will have to see it to tell

Happy Sitichin Y'all
Come join us Stitichin Fingers


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

I took the plunge and signed on to have my room on

Where Bloggers Create 2011

Thanks for hosting such a fun event Karen

My Desert Cottage

My room isn't going to compare with most you will see,
But I wanted to share the link so you can take
The tour of rooms, spaces and places
including mine

Turn on the lights and come on in

Here is where I sit and talk to you all
My organized mess

I have been working on my organiztion
And started to finally decorate my studio
I am a such a multi-crafter I need many different kinds
Of organization for several different supplies

I got this fun storage idea at my favorite local craft hang out

I love the chalkboard papers for this
I can change the lables in a flash

This is my craft area.. sewing, scrabooking, Solder, paper mache'
You name it, this is the spot I create it

Some of my fun accessories
And my beautiful pin cushion I won awhile back
I am so happy to be to the decorating stage
In my Studio

My Storage wall, and yes I do know where everything
Is up there.. although all needs to be labeled still
And a bit or splash decorating here

I loved this idea when I seen it
This holds my small bits and  pieces
Of laces and trims
Thay cannot be wrapped on the cards
Made with a pants hanger and a new grill rack
And some small clips with hooks
Purchased at JoAnn's

My family joins me where ever I am
I have pictures all thru my house
Of my family

More fun stuff to decorate
Even the store bought lamp gets a splash of fun
And I love to recycle things into other needs
Such as my glue bottle holder
Keeps my glue ready to use always

And my personal work space
I always have atleast one project on the table
Usually I have a few going on at a time

My other storage wall.. this soon will be painted all black
With modge podged drawers and such..
Come on fall so I can paint some
Wait till next year to see my transfomation

My new invention
A broken computer chair and a broken kitchen chair
Matched up to make a great Studio chair.
Nice and cushy with  suspension
Love it!

All my chairs are done in this manner now
Some major dumpster diving went into
This if people only
Knew thier trash is truely no
My treasure.

My Olive jars renewed as nice lovely storage ideas
I love the look and cannot wait for my
Whole studio to refect this style

On to my organizing that has been going on
Over the last year
My laces and trims
315 Spools of ribbon
My greatest transformation of all my

Fit into 3 picture boxes like this
I was so shocked
So pretty and easy to use

Larger lace storage easy to see and use
I went from this

To this nicely organized and easy to use system
Foam core boards purchased at the dollar store
Cut to size... perfect!

Now I leave you to look thru my blog
And all my fun creativness!
You will see a multitude of different
Crafts and Creations.

Happy Crafting to you all
Please check out all the lovely
Places where bloggers create

I hope this finds you in your studio, craft room or creative space
And inspires you to make this day
A special day..

Thanks for the visit
The door is always open
So please visit me again