Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sock Surprise

Since Paula begged , oops sorry I meant ask me to join in on the fun, I decided to surprise her too..she loves Halloween socks I made her this package

that contained all this, plus some spiders cut out of chip board and some plastic flies and other fun Halloween embellishments

thanks Miss Paula for asking me to join you, I had tons of fun making my stuff for the swaps..

Happy Halloween to you and all my friends


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sock Swap

My friend Paula at Little Bit of Scrappin begged,  wait begged, wait I mean told me about a Sock Swap at PCCrafter Message board...I used to do lots of swaps here and I had not done the sock swap that I can remember and since she begged  , I mean told me about it and asked me to join I decided to go along with here is my lovely creation and the socks I swapped with my partner Allene ( awake on the pccrafter message board)  I made the container from a strawberry container

it ended up looking like this

and I filled it with this

All graphics come from PCCrafter. They sell many kinds of graphics with severeal different artists.

so my friend is your gift...I hope you like it and look forward to my swap in return..

Happy Halloween


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fused Glass Fun

With my friend can join her on facebook and see some of her lovely work at Texas Art Glass.

She is a great artist and loves to share her is the fun stuff I made with her one day

the one below has another one that I will make into a necklace and earrings

  I had a fun time for my first try...I need to wire wrap and solder on these and add some fun stuff to make them fun..any suggestions

I will post my second try soon

thanks Teresa for a fun day it was so nice to meet you..and I promise I will see you again soon


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decorating Again and Giveaway

Once again I am decorating with my friends from CSN this time I am looking at an Ottoman Coffee Table..

How will I choose...?

I will tell you how...I am going to do a give away here with CSN for my readers, friends and followers. Would you like a free gift certificate to shop at CSN?

ok lets do it...heres how:

1.) Find me a table that you think I will like at the links provided above, leave me the link in a post
2.) Be a follower, or become one and tell me in a seperate post
3.) Tell your friends by blogging about it on your blog or posting this giveaway to your side bar...let me know in a seperate post of this too
thats it..send your freinds to check it out...the prize will be the code for $75.00 off your purchase with CSN Stores and the end date will be November 1st with a winner being drawn and posted by November 4th

Easy peasy right...its could be away..

have fun shopping and thanks so much for helping me out too.


Fall Findings Swap

Over at  Some Days are Like Diamonds we did an altered cigar box lined with fun fall goodies.. I got to swap with Nancy at Coeur d'Alene  man have you seen her stuff.. I am a bit intimidated to say the least..all very, very take a look for yourselves at the beautiful, beautiful things she sent me...
the outside..
this tag is so awesome..
and she hasn't been feeling well at all..please stop over and send her some good health wishes..

the inside jam packed full

look at this lovely stuff...

aren't these just so adorable and soft

my grand-daughter and I are so making some of these soon...beautiful seashells.

I feel so very spoiled. 

thanks Nancy

Well I dived in and come up with something I hope she will just love... here is how it all started

and I started with this

paper and lace

then I added some of this

close up it looks like this...

I filled it with all of this...

some fall fun things

and my vintage find one day with added laces

some 3-D Scarecrow magnets

a coaster with some fun fall bells

a handmade vintage tag

A charm to start our friendship

some lovely all natural soap

and some very fun All Hallows Eve vintage tags

and the inside of the box empty

I love decorating these boxes...I just loved how this turned out...I had fun finding things to fill it with and was excited to mail it off to Nancy..

I was so excited to see what I recieved
Happy Fall Y'all


A Note to Nancy

I just love all the little treasures you beautifully done...with love in your heart..I will be sending all my freinds to visit you...I hope you are feeling better real soon...and we can correspond a travels to your winter home...Happy Fall Y'all

Thanks so much for the fun swap with our sorority sisters Karen..I pormise next time to get it all correct...I had so much fun....