Sunday, January 24, 2010

Card Swap

I did a card swap at PC Crafter it has been awhile since I did anything with the messages boards I have been involved thought I would give it a go again...hook up with some of the ladies I used to talk with. I decided since its so close to Valentines I would make one for this holiday...

The Example we had to go by

The card I made

The Card and tablet I recieved

I  love doing swaps...I get to see new techniques. make new friends and get a mixture of cards to use thru out the year.....DeeDee

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Craft Hope For Haiti

I joined these ladies to help raise money for the People and Doctors in Haiti....this has been such a disaster for these people and they need our help....TODAY!  so please stop by both these links provided and do what you can to help..Donate something or buy something it all goes in the same pot of gold....Please Help.

Craft Hope Etsy Shop

Craft Hope Website

I donated these two items.....

it doesn't have to be anything big...just something....the coaster sold right away.....I will be making a few more..All proceeds go to Craft Hope for the Doctors of Haiti....thanks for looking, please visit these sites...and please partcipate....They really do need our help...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Special Award..

   My Friend Brenda is such a special lady....she has given me encouragement and support since the beginning of my blog....I love her. Thanks so much Brenda..she knows I always have at the very least 101 things on my platter for the day...cause thats how I really wish I could give it right back to you Brenda. She is one awesome guys step on over to her place and you will see as I do....

I have decided that these 3 ladies really knock my socks off...when I need prayer I know that I can count on these gals here!! So I am passing this award on to them. And I really do appreciate you being in my corner when I need you!!

You all have given me support, ideas, encouragment, kindness, friendships, I could go on and on...wanted to say Thanks so much to each of you

Tammy in Kuwait



For my list of the top 10 things that knock my socks off are:

1. God... without Him I am nothing and I am sooo glad that I opened up my heart years ago and discovered His grace and love for me.

2. My Daughter- I love her so very much and the gifts she has givin me are priceless

3. My Grandkids- They both bring joy beyond belief..

4. My Son-in-law he takes care of my girl...and my grandbabies

5. My Dogs- they both bring me daily love and commitment

6. My Family- that I have left bring mer the base I need to move forward

7.My Friends- Who love and support me and bring me laughter

8.My all keep me going and your comments make my day!You Rock !

9. My Home- my place to be safe

10.My 5 senses- without them I am not ability to craft and share comes from here.

The rule for this award was to pass it on to 3 and list 10 things that really knock my socks off
Have a great day......craft it away if you can.....DeeDee

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine Gift in Purples

My Freind Jose' asked me to make something for his wife for Valentines Day....he wanted it in purples which is not my normal colors to work with and he wants to buy her jewelry ..great Guy uh!... well here are my supplies  , with tones if lilac and whites

and I made it all into this

The Jewel Box

The Bud Vase

The Small Details

The Set...I need to make a card to got with yet...

This bud vase can be hung with a suction cup on her special mirror, the car window, the computer monitor or any special picture they choose....these are my favorite things to make...I just love them...hope he does too...will gift wrap them all up in a tulle' wrap and lilac ribbons... Happy Valentines to you!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Tooth Fairy Boxes in a Tin

  My Friend Anna asked me if I could make her a set of tooth fairy for the tooth to be presented to the tooth fairy and the other to save the childs teeth in...I know the second is not for everyone but many, many moms do it.. So I set out to make some fun designs that he might like. I used graphics from PC Crafter to accomplish my goal.  I love how his box turned out and the mom one is flat and kinda plan beacasue it will be hidden for several day he can join them and use as he likes...I might need to make one of these for my little man...I made a awesome one for my granddaughter it isn't in a tin but another recycled project...will show it at the end of this one.....

this one is made for my granddaughter....

if you know where I can find these flat beads like this I sure would love some more of them..
hail to the tooth fairy...I need to make banks to go with these


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sewing Kit in a Tin

   I did a whole class/crop decorating altoid tins with a local group I am in you will get a few samples in the next days of what I did with each of them..I like to work with the origianl color of the altoid tin sometimes.makes crafting lots easier this way..... these were both made for the wife and daughter of my altoid tin donator. Thanks Mr. Bell you are wonderful to help me recycle these here are the ins and outs of these boxes....I love these papers and do many things with them..I cannot believe I missed the paper sale at Hobby Lobby...I need more

start you day off with altoids....that is my little have fun crafting with the boxes.....


P.S. doesn't it kind look like my cigar box...I used my left over uh....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valetine Cards in a Tin

Its getting that time of year...when we show love and affections for one another...My granddaughter is in Pre-K and has 17 little freinds in her class...I made this tin to hold her Valentines and the tin will become a gift for the teacher ...I love that I have little ones to craft for again..thier holidays are so much fun....Happy Valentines my Friends...DeeDee

Graphics by artists at PCCrafter

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Potters Wheel

  I had the best time tonight with my meetup group Girlfriends of Mid-Cities. We went to the Art Castle  There we got to try out a potters wheel...I have never done this before...I used heavy consentration to make Lucky a new dog I started out wanting to make a cup or a ended up a bowl..heres how..

We started out making a meatball...according to

Then on to mounting our clay to the wheel.
And a bit of Cottling of the clay

Then more cottling and the Karate Chop techinque

gives you the base to do this techinique..bad student forgot what it was called, but then more cottling

here is my bowl before the lift techinque
and a bit more cottling and the C techinque

After alot of cottling, lifting and smoothing
here is my completed bowl ready to dry and  fire

     ok I know they don't look much different, it is becasue I wasn't good at the I got it then I wrecked it just as fast...wasn't as easy as it looks...I will get it next time..yes next time because I will return to make another...then they have a class called Racu...I need to do that too...then they also work with glass and I need to try that some loved this place, Miss Betty and Miss Tracy were awesome to work check out the link to thier place and if you are local ...stop in and check the place just might find yourself having a bit of fun too.

I have to wait for this to be dried and fired before I can paint check back in February to see my fancy art work....check out the Art Castle in the mean time while you wait...have a great weekend


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be Mine

         Valentine...I was at my local scrapbook store named Anthologies this last week to see the premier of thier new crafts for January and February, while there I got in on a free make-n-take ...this is the card we did...isn't it cute...cute ...cute....

    So I had to add my version, in my style...not that I don't like thiers, casue I do...but I had to be creative in my own way...I loved how it turned out...I would make a few changes if I did another...but I only have two to send out so I am covered for this year...

and here they are together....can you see the difference my spin made...anyways great idea, I had fun making them both....Happy Valentines


Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love This Product

Highland Feather Down Touch ™ Feather Bed from Living Rooms Direct.  My friend Tyler sent me this product to review and share with you all... I have been using this for a week now and I must say I was very optimistic. I had a feather top I purchased in Germany while living I kinda new what to expect...I wasn't dissappointed!!!.... this is a wonderful sleep experience..These keep you nice and cozy ,one temperature all night long...yes you do get a feather poke here and there but not like one would doesn't take away from this products quality and the good night sleep you will recieve in return.. I reccommend this and other products From Tyler's site to you my friends...check it out at the very least and see if there is something he can help you out with..Tell them I sent you...enjoy your shopping...DeeDee

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Forward Bound with my Resolution

    My Guest Bathroom....has so much personality...I just love so many things in are some of the clean highlights.....It looks so much better this way too...and smells so wonderful too...all ready for a visitor..This is my best shot at Shabby Chic Decor

 Welcoming Bath Towels

My Rose Details

A spot for your treasures while you bath and special lotions to smooth your senses with aromatheraphy

Some Serenity if you need it

Lots of fun rose details

this will soon be distressed black with rose details..come on warm days..I got me some great new brushes to try on these to come later on

 these don't match but they are my favorite thing I had given my parents many years ago, I love them

   I love this room, even know I rarely use it...I save it for freinds and family to have thier own space while visiting...  on to my next room..What will it be..the Master Bath, The Entry Hallway or the Laundry all needs cleaned..and needs to be done before Spring so I can work on my yard and my garden this year.....I hope you are still on course with your resolution...I am off to craft for the evening...DeeDee