Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I meet a Blogger Friend

 I got to meet Shirley C and her husband Clay
They come to the Dallas airport to pick up family
And we got to have a lovely Olive Garden dinner
It was so nice to meet her in person as
We have so many things in common
What started out with us owning Pommies
Ended up we both love to sew and embroidery

I am on the left and Shirley is on the right
She brought me these lovely gifts

How did she know I love angels
Her embriodery is so lovely
All packed in this lovely jeweled bag
The glass angel now adorns
My window letting the sun shine thru
Shirley I had the best time
Meeting and talking with you and Clay
And so hope when you travel thru again
We can meet for dinner too

Hugs my blogland friend


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nap Time! in Kindergaten

My granddaughter is a new Kindergarten student this year..
So I got to make her a nice sheet and blanket set
For her mat to use at nap time..

I love making my grandkids stuff,
but rarely have and occasion to do so.
So this was a real treat for me.

The set is a little girly
Ruffles and all

Since she lives up north I made hers from
Fleece and added a pocket
To the back side for her little feet to go in
Toasty she will be

I made two blankets so when
One is home to be washed
she still has another for school
All in coordinating colors

I bought another matt
And made another sheet
Because soon Brother will
Be off to Kindergarten too
And I will have what I  need to make
Him a set all his own
I cannot wait!!

Happy School year to my little
Kindergarten Girl

Grandma DeeDee

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Altered Art Pages

I went and had a full body message...
Man was I feeling great...
(I really needed that)

I come home to relax and
Next thing ya know I am dabbling..
I started with a little card board and
Moved to bigger card boards.. 
In Art Group this month we are going
To be doing transfers and needed some base pages..
I must say I loved what I come up with...
Check them out

I started with ATC sized
And used a pretty napkin I had

This is the back side

I will use gesso on this to tone it down and apply
A graphic over the top

Then I moved to bigger cards board
I used paints, and tape, a pen
Distressed it alot
this one also has a white napkin
In the center to overlay a graphic on it.

The back side I left plain to play with in class

Then I did this music sheet page
I will also layer a graphic on this one

And the backside plain for playing more

My favorite page using my pretty napkin
The teacher Susan had this fun stamp set
And she let me borrow it
I love them all

And the backside all pretty too

My second favorite one is this journal page
I will overlay a graphic in the lower right corner

This next one is especially made for my graphic overlay
Thats what out next class will teach
The transfer of graphics

Please visit Susan at Artful Musings and see her wonderful work

I will be tearing up my Victorian Trading magazine
To adorn these pages.

I hope some of you are still following along on my garbage disposal book
With me.. these will go in there when done
Those visiting for the first time check it out

I certainly had a fun relaxing evening doing these pages
I have a few others in the works and will show you them
With August Art Group post coming soon
See ya then

Happy Creative Crafting

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dress Form

I love all the altered dress forms I see
Awhile back my freind and I decided to try one
I had no idea what I wanted to do with mine
So I just started to play
I haven't done anything
With book pages, but so love the look
So on it went

She has a vintage lace scrarf with a
A vintage earring brooch
Layers of trim to the bottom of her dress

My friend made me this teeny tiny
Mona Lisa necklace for my form

Her heart is a altered piece of the same
Book page
And yes I planned the letters to be upside down

I had this swirly pearls in my stash
So on it went
I loved it!!
So Fancy Schmancy!!

Then I was gonna play with some stamps
I did this Eiffel tower stamp
And every one laughed like I did a funny
But, I put it on the only flat spot she had
What is so funny?

It looks like a rear end at a distance..
They say

 I couldn't have planned that!!

I mounted her on a crystal vase and added
A glass door knob to the top

She needs a red bow on the
Back below the buttons
And I think she will be done
And ready to display in
My Studio
I am glad my friend
Asked me to do this
I really liked playing with the
New stuff and getting my
Stash onto something so fun
She is so my style!!

Happy Crafting

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doodle Tangles

Dangle your Tangles
Part two of our Zentangles class

We got to go back and make
A solder project with out Tangles

You will love this

Here are my Tangles

And here is my designs

Both are for my Studio
I didn' get them finished in class
So will have to show you them again later

Here is our instructor's
Bobbie Holiday
She said it reminds her of the
Patio Railings
The metal ones ya know..
I can see it

Here is another really creative one
It has two parts

The bottom up close
Don't you love the falmingo?
Fabulous work

And a tangled necklace too

This one is awesome
All the fun little details

So here is a project you can do with
Your Tangles
Try it out

for more info,go to

Doodle Dangles
Dangle your Tangles

Happy Tangling everyone

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning Zentangles

I was so happy when my local glass shop
Merry Go Round Glass
Had a 2 part class to learn Zentangles
In one class you did your Tangles..
In the next you made a project with your Tangles 
So here we go
This is everyones first Tangle

And me having a good hair day
(its so hot in Texas)
Displaying my first Tangle

Our fun and fabulous instructor
Bobbie Florida

And here are some examplers of next weeks project
Fun ideas uh
Cannot wait to see what everyone creates

I had a great time
I look forward to creating
A fun Solder project
With my Tangles

I love Zentangles!!
So relaxing, So creative
And never wrong
Try it out
Find more info at

Happy Tangling

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I won a great giveaway over at

I was so shocked
And I just love my litte dragonfly

Isn't she precious?
I wanted to say a HUG!
Thank You Pat
I just love her!!

Please my freinds
Go visit Pat's Blog
You will be in awe of her fabulous work

See ya when you get back

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Dramatic Death

I know it feels like maybe this could be a halloween post..
Or really something serious uh.
But it is actually the changes in life that happen
When you don't want them too.

My little car,
My first brand new car that had
26 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. 
Has gone to car heaven

Look at all her miles

I had mixed feelings having my last picture with her
I will surely miss her, as our story is long
She is a bit over 11 years old

I have had many hatch backs as
I think back upon all my cars
And her hatchback allowed me to haul
Dressers, Mulch and stepping stones,
And a ceramic kiln all the way from Iowa!!
She has moved so much stuff on her travels
She was my little truck

This Scratch is from picking up my daughter where
I had to pull between two trees.
It didn't turn out so well on the backing up
She has many little dents and dings
It all adds to her personality
They tell her life story
She was one day old when she got her first
Little mar spot.
Remember that my daughter?  hehehe!

Her timing chain locked up on a busy street
And knocked the tranmission out, sending a pool
Of red fluids flowing down the street
It looked like all her lifes blood had run out
I was devestated
I didn't know what to do,
Poor tow truck driver heard it all..
He was great with me.

I let her meet and talk to her replacement car
A new girl, in a new color
Black is a color I have never owned

She is a 2012 with 286 miles on her
She had to come to me from Texarkana, TX

A fancy new dash design, a working stereo,
Jacks for my Ipod..
Cruise control for the first time in my life
She has all the new upgrades

And yes she is a hatch back too
Only this time a 4 door hatch back

She is a bit longer in length
But I bet I am going to love the back doors
My grandkids and friends can ride in this one

She will be my new addition
And her first mar come before she
Even left the lot, from me this time
I am ready for a road trip with her
See how she rides, see how much she can
She is my new little truck
I will miss
My 2000 Hyundai Accent
But look forward to
My 2012 Hyundai Accent

Please join in me in my farewell
To my very first NEW car
I acutally cried when I left her behind

Happy Travels My freinds


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stitchin Fingers Round Robin- Rengin #2

I got Rengin's block all ready to mail off to Rachel

Here is the block before I started to work on it

I added a wee little dragon fly to the corner
Smelling the prettiest little rose from the garden

Then I added my most favorite border stitch
The cute little button flowers

And then added a trellis with beautiful
Hand made roses..and a fluttering buttery fly too

There you have it, my part complete
I think three more people
get to work on this before
It finds its way home

This is Rengins little book that travels with her block

Cat started a small photo of what she did
She is quite the artist

I tried to follow suit
I am not such an artist thou
But you get the just of it
I loved this Idea Cat

You can find more pics of Rengins block
With Cat's work up close
On my July 30th post

Happy Stitichin my Friends