Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Pink and Zebra Strips

Thats the new colors of my neice Hannah's room..
I love this combination and it was so fun to work with...
Her birthday is coming up so I rambled thru my stash
and found some things to make for her...
check it out

I made her a awesome jewelry box
Every little girl loves Jewelry ?

Matched all the way around
Inside and out

This little clip board will also have a mirror clipped on it

And a huge clothes pin to hold a special picture

This is what I will wrap it all in
I was so happy to find this box
I have to mail all of this to her

Stay tuned for the cute card I also made her
It is crazy to me how it worked out
Happy Birthday Miss Hannah
Aunt DeeDee

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breast Cancer

I have a freind who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer...
As have many of my freinds.
Scares me a bit every year when I go for my own mammogram...
I go because I do believe early detection is the key to survival.
 I highly encourage all my friends, including you all
To go have have your yearly scan..
I wanted to make her a quillo but our other friend did that...
Then my friend Sandy  come over with this
little locket charm and here is what we created with it..

I made her this cute card with
Suzie Toronto graphics
at PcCrafter

Then Sandy beaded these little charms
and the locket
Inside the lock we rolled up a small message
Just for our friend
Signed DeeDee, Gayle and Sandy

I also made her a gift I have given many
Of my friends
Who fall ill.. a place to release it

A Journal

With a special book marker

And a pen to write her thoughts

I would love to show the front of this
But I made it personally for her and
She didn't want me to post her picture
She is a beautiful Lady
Inside and Out
But I respect her wishes.

Please say a prayer for my friend
And all the people of the world
Dealing will illness

And please for me
Schedule your yearly
I had mine , will you have yours

Notice the link on my side bar
The pink one with a ribbon
On it>>>

Click it to help fund Breast Cancer Research



Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I joined in with the Yahoo! group
Chain of Hearts
to make another Crazy Quilt block...
I wanted this to match my last one so
I can apply them to a muslin bag

One block to swap

One block for me

I tried hard to make them match...
They are similar
So will be easier to stitch
I am ready for our first assigned stitch
Stay with me and
Watch as this progresses

Happy Stitchin


Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy Pin Cushion Swap

I recieved another pin cushion
To work on this week.. it is

Look at some of the lovely work
Already done on this

Check this out!
This is awesome!
A Little Door!

And see whats inside..
A beautiful flower
I love this!

I love this Dragon Fly

And this Lizard too!

Here it is ready to be sent off to Canada
to visit

Help us pray the strike ends so she can get it thru

Then she is ready to head home to

I added these fun flowers 
I tried to leave a bit of room
For Shelia to play

Happy Stitchin
Hope to see a glimpse of mine soon


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garbage Disposal

Here is a craft that gets you looking at your garbage...
brought to us at Art Group this month with

The Little Blue House

I loved it...
Things I would never look at to craft with
I kept envelopes, ceral boxes, tags from clothes,
Cards from freinds..
You name it..
It can go in here.
Take a look with me

We used old books as the cover
I chose a blank one so I can really decorate it

I won this bingo card at

I use the book binding just to add character

A card from a friend and a calendar page
from my Betty Boop Calendar
Envelopes of all kinds

I eat cheerios everyday for breakfast
A graphic from one of my
Crafting buddies on this day
We all shared our garbage with each other
An old ledger page

An old post card collected along the way
A crown from a Medevil Times visit
A trimmed piece of scrapbook paper

As you can see you can add anything you'd like to
Your book..
and believe me it grows quickly too
Next month we will be decorating it
And Journaling in it...
And building a
Character for this book..
I since have changed my cover
I will be making a book of my railroad career
And a book about me the artist/ designer/ creator
That I am..

You still have time to catch up and do this with us
Collect your garbage and get it on to the binder rings
Then next month I will show you the next step
I love recycling things
Don't you!

I am an admitted Dumpster Diver too
I like to make all things have a new life
Wish it worked that way for people sometimes too

Happy Garbage Collecting
See ya next month on this one

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flip Flop Accessories

Hi all y'all

I spent a bit of time at

again for June's Scrapstashers..
Always so glad I get to join I
Because I love what we make...
And I love the new friends I am making too
Here is the list, can you guess what we will be doing?

"What to Bring" List:


Organza Fabric - 1/8 yd.
Pleated Satin Trim - 1/2 yd.
Zipper Trim - 1/2 yd.
Oil cloth - two 6x6 pieces
Lg Bling or Decorative Buttons for centers
Two large brads or rounded buttons
Small Velcro Squares or Circles
Pin Backs - 2 to 4
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Votive Candle
Mini-Rubber Bands - at least 2 (can be found on the hair care aisle)

We never know until we arrive what we are making
We try hard to guess from the supply list thou  hehehe!

take a look at what I did

This one made from the pleated Satin Ribbon 
my favorite one

The we made one with the candle and Organza Ribbon
My favorite one

And another from Zipper Trim
So popular now
My favorite one

And this one, that is already attached to my flip flops
My Favorite One

Aren't they lovely
I so love my time spent there
with the ladies I meet
so much fun each month
Come join us if you can..

Happy Flower Making

Monday, June 13, 2011

Learning Paper Mache'

I have been wanting to learn to make
Paper mache's heads for awhile now...
And my freind Janet was willing to teach us..
so we had a get together to do some
Paper Mache' check out some of
The ones they made previously.

Sweet Lil Clowns

Precious little smiles

Cuteness at its best

Then a bit primative too

And some Christmas added in

Don't ya just love them, thats just a sample of the ones they had

then heres comes my first one
unpainted and just dried
a chef in the making

then finally my little snow man

Oh and a scary witch too
complete with a chin wart

I need to get crackin and get these all decorated
I have several more I did too
Once I get them all done I will be back to show you
All the fun I had..

My freind Sandy was having a very good time

and the rest did too

I will be back with more of this craft
as all three of my Sunday night freinds
loved working with paper mache'
I have so many ideas now
just floating in my brain

Happy Crafting

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Finished COH Block

How could I not show you my finished and first ever
Crazy Quilt block...
finished.I really like how it turned out..
I named it Flower garden.. ...
All the flowers for the little girl..
so little and precious.

I jazzed it up a bit since your last siting..

all kinds of pretty things uh

loved these flowers lots...
and the butterfly strands too

I had so much fun making this I joined in for the next one too..

stay tuned for that one.

Happy Stitchin

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Recieved Block

I recieved my finished block from my
Chain of Hearts yahoo group. 
 It come from my freind Deb at Mosaic Magpie 
And I must say it is so beautiful...
She sent tons of extras too...
I was floored at the stuff in this box
Take a look see

Her full block so pretty and fancy

The flower patch up close

Every block needs a heart and hers are so AWESOME! 

More lovely flowers

Then she sent me this fun circled sentiment
Isn't this a cute way to send a message
I love it Deb.... BFF

Take a look at this lot that she sent me
Way above and beyond I tell ya

And all the fun trinkets , buttons, threads and crystals

I found these little guys in the bag of beads.. I love them
they are so so small too.

Then these little see thru round.. I wish I could find on like this only
bigger to use as a eye glass on my manni head.
Any one have a eye glass they can part with?

I had fun with this swap. and Deb made it awesome.
She got me into this and then she made my day...
Thanks so much my blogland friend Deb

Big Hugs