Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Jewel Boxes.....Upcycled

  I know I have posted these before , but I made a few more fun ones....from SKOL cans....they smell like Vanilla inside....yummy. These are the perfect size to hold those special little charms and trinkets....all are forsale in my  ETSY Shoppe we go I have a few of them to share,...

We have Blue

We have Creme

We have Green

We have Pink

We have Purple

I had so much fun making these for gifts and such..and keeping them from the trash is a big plus...Please look around you and see what you can save and upcycle, recycle and re-use...saves our world...


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Necklace...Pearls

      This one is not a solder one thou... I know they are getting old uh. But that is my preffered craft at this time...until something new comes along that is... I did this one to wear to my daughter's wedding...then changed my mind so it is for sale in my Etsy Shop ..I think it would be perfect for that special Mom on Mother's Day coming up.....take a look...

Simple faux pearls with a lovely center charm...

22" long with lobster clip

faux diamonds on black onx charm....Just Glimmers!!!. I also have some other lovey gifts for Mom's in my Etsy Shoppe so please stop by and take a look..
Have a great week...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Helping a Friend Out

        My Friend and fellow crafter Gayle lost her brother unexpectantly this past week...She had a last minute trip to make to attend his gathering. She wanted something to give to the family in remembrance so Her, Sandy and I went to work and made short order of some remembrance necklaces,.. we made solder charm necklace with his picture, who he is to that person and his personal information on they are..  the family loved them....and it kept her mind busy until she could go and deal with her lose...

then she made a necklace for her step mom...she took them all into her home for the time they needed to we made her this..

Sandy did the bead work on this and just made this necklace very pretty. Please say a prayer for her family for such a hard time in life...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Match Box Swap

I was a participant in a Match Box had to be an altered match box, with goodies to go along..I had tons of fun making my box and the gift many ideas running thru my head on this one

The Package

a recycled cigarette box with vintage graphics..
the inside and the match box

The gift.....a charm dongle

the box up close.

I would do another one of these..soon I will show you the two I got in return...these are so small to work with yet so very fun to do...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts

       Hi Everyone..Just wanted to ask you to visit my ETSY Shoppe for some fun Mothers Day Gifts...I have them in the Section labeled Mothers is fast approaching and I wanted to give you an outlet for that special days shopping...All items are hand made just with Moms in is an example..

Key Chains


Jewel Boxes

And other items she would just check it out in my  ETSY Shoppe  I will add things as I get them registered...Happy Shopping.. Oh and look around you just might see something you cannot live with out yourself....hehehe! Feel free to shop...I won't tell......


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love/ Noel Stands

       Back at Christmas time I made some stands that said JOY....well I also made a set that said LOVE/NOEL for my daughters wedding. I wanted them to be able to use these all year long. The LOVE side matches thier wedding and livingroom decor. And the Christmas side matches thier Christmas decor. Clever uh.  I love all the details. And so glad I got to move all the stuff I have made for them from my house to thiers...I feel I have so much room Well lets start with the LOVE side...

close up details...

this will so much match my house too...

and the NOEL Side

the details

and I bought this glass plaque to sit at the base of this looks wonderful in thier living room...

I need to make me a set now...prally never will get done...


Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Glass Craft I Learnt


       I love working with Glass.......Gayle, Sandy and I all joined in on this class at Merry Go Round Glass Shop to learn to do stained glass basics.  We made a Shamrock Sun Catcher. This was a bit hard for me since I was having problems with my neck,shoulder and hands. I took it slow and got thru it.

Mine finished

Sandy's Finished

Gayle's Finished

         I think we all did a great job....don't you? I will be returning for another fun adventure on some Thursday Ladies Night Out at the Merry Go Round Glass Shop ... if you are local stop by for a visit and tell Vicki I sent ya...her and Larry are so very nice you will be hooked in no time


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lettering Fun at my House

    I love ,love ,love Uppercase Living Vinyl Expressions. I have many Expressions thru-out my home. I get mine from my friend Julie...Check out her site and see if you can have some fun too..she will hook you up. It is all shipped so no matter where you live, near or far, she will get it to ya.  Thats my speal...

     Heres what I did with them this time... In my bedroom I always call my closet the dressing isn't big enough for me to dress in , but my Pommy named Lucky always comes in there with me....and I tell him " welcome to my dressing room" I got an Expressions to read just that....


and since so many of my doors are labeled thought I better let my guests know where is the  

Powder Room

These install so quick and easy I just keep putting them up.....So check it out, there just might be one you cannot live without..


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Personalized Pillow Cases

            I like to make fun things for my grandbabies when I go home..I made these a few months ago to take with me..  They both just got big kid pillows so I had to make them fun. I made them from fun fonts on my computer..(wish I rememebered which ones!!! duh need to learn to write these things down).....and flannel fabric scraps I had in my stash.  I did a swap at Split Cost Stampers awhile back where we made the alphabet with rag letters......I loved them so much I did thier names with rag letters only attached them to the pillow case...trimmed the edges with fun trims and wha la!  how fun are these...I get the best of both worlds...I am blessed with a grand-daughter and a grand-son.

here is my grand-daughters pillow and the details

so soft and fuffy

and my grand-sons

they both loved them and used them right away....time well spent, with sweet dreams in staled also...


Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Time Again

           Yep its that time of year again in Texas when my yard errupts with tons of beauty....I just love everyday going into my gardens to see what nature has given me that day. My yard is made up of OP's (other peoples stuff) meaning I have small treasures from friends and family that grace my yard every year, so lets begin the tour for March....

Miniature Iris in Deep Purple and Yellow
from my long time friend Maxine (RIP)

it lives amoungst the Angels given to me by my Mother (RIP)

I missed the other minatures while on vacation so even I will have to wait and see them next year...I planted then in the exciting uh....Ok on
the Aprils beauty so far....

This is the only thing left from my original landscapeing when  I purchased my house, outside of the tree in my back yard. I have two in the front yard and one in the back yard.

Indian Hawthorne...

Next my beautiful Iris from my Dad's garden. (RIP). He raised these high bred iris for flower shows..they measure up to 5 inches high...I have many not bloomed yet so please watch back for the can see a peach one coming to bud if you look closely

Purple Iris...Dad's Gardens (RIP)

Yellow Roses
 planted in honor of my friend Fred (RIP)

and then I have a few new additions from my vacation up north...

Rubarb...wish me luck on this one...
Strawberry rubarb pie Oh My !
in honor of my Grandmother.

and a new ground cover
Coral Carpet Stonecup
will bloom in the fall...

ok and now the fun yard guy Gilbert come to help me do some other plantings....

My Garden for this year

sketched it all out myself....hope it works.

here is the hardest working guy in my garden...

My Sprinkler Frog

and I got lucky...
My Spinach
 survived the winter and is doing well...already had one cut on it and ready for another.

         Well this is all the fun stuff I have for today..sorry so very long...but I was blessed with lots to share...I hope things in your life are blooming the way nature does..and I am so grateful for the beauty right outside my door today..