Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my home to yours
I hope to be back to bloggin again in the new year
Hope your holidays are filled with family and freinds
And the spirit of Christmas

Dee Dee & Bentley

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Honor You All....

I keep all our soldiers and thier families from past,
Present and future in my thoughts and prayers,
 Today and everyday for always..

Thank You for your Service to US!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Button Flooszie Swap

Hi Y'all

I join a button swap over at Button Floozies

And I got Becky as my partner so I did
This cute little box for her

Filled with all kinds of fall colored buttons

I also sent her this needle keep
I had recieved one as a gift once and loved it
So thought I'd share one too 

One last look see at her little tin
I embellished with a few small buttons
I hope she likes it.

I will show hers soon as I recieve it..
Check them all out at

Thanks for swapping with me Becky

Until next time

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogerette Sorority Halloween Swap 2011

As several of you know I belong the the

And from time to time we have special events just for the sisters...
This time was a 

Where we were to make a bag and send it filled with goodies.
How fun to get a trick or treat bag..
I was lucky girl to get my partner

Who sent me some very lovely things.. 
Check it out

I Love! this darling little bag

And this fantastic little decoration.
Especially the little antique looking witch

Look at all this loot she sent me too!!

I so love this display of lace... So cute.

And I have never seen cards like this..
How perfect for Halloween..

I so wanted to show you every single thing sepererately
But I would go over my picture limit on this one..hehehe!

One last thing
Please read the note that was added
In the package to tell me who it was from

Can you believe this is her very first bag..
I am so blessed with a treasure
 I don't believe its her first, it is lovely and so well done.
And I want to say a big thanks to Deb
For being my swap buddy and so very nice to meet you too
Sorority sisters ROCK!
You can join us too...

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 13, 2011

TIme- OFF!

Hi My Blogger Friends..
Just wanted to drop in and tell you I haven't run away..
I am having back issues that don't allow me to blog right now..
Please keep a prayer for me and I hope to be back in business real soon...
I hope you stick with me.

See you again soon


Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy Patch Pin Cushions

Along while back I joined a Crazy Patch Pin Cushion Swap with

I am the only one left to recieve mine except
I have Sandi's to send off still..
I got it finished at my retreat this past weekend

It has circled the world..
From the states to Australia and back..
And she is ready to go home now.

It come to me like this

And I made it look like this

I added a flower pot with flowers to her block

As soon as I see mine headed home I will send this out
So we are recieving them about the same time
How exciting will that be?

I cannot wait to see mine
I haven't even seen a glimse of it since it left home
I think I am done with swaps for a bit
I am not cut out for them I believe.
Althought Fiona did a great job
As hostess on this one.

Happy Swapping ladies..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christmas in July Crop

Only in August... lol..
We run a little over on our time line.
But it was still fun all the same
Every Year Amy has a crop for Christmas
I love to make the cards she designs
Check out some of our projects

Welcome to my spot

We made two canisters

A Christmas card and a gift card holder

A Christmas Folder (my favorite project)

I was joined by a few friends

Suella and Nancy

Stephanie and her friend

I also made this for my grandson while I was there.

A Pirates Spy Glass
Made from a tin foil box and tube

Suella and I always exchange gifts at this
Since we cannot get together for Christmas
Here is what she gave me

A scrapbook a me loosing my first new car
Pulled right from my blog
I cried I loved it so much
Thanks Suella

I am sure she will feature her gift from me on her blog
I entered it into a challenge that caused
A huge drama session
So I will not be showing it here, Sorry
The drama starter visits my blog
And I don't wanna give more amo to her furry
Thats my rant, I have a online staulker
I thought that only happened to the teens
Guess not..

Anyways.. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas in July
Function to attend also
Happy Christmas in July (on August)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Infinity Scarves

I seen these on pinterest and decided to give them a whirl...
I made three at the retreat I went to and I just love making them..
I am not a scarf wearer but I might just wear this coral one I tell ya...

So many ways to wear them

My favorite way

And in black too

They fold nice and flat for traveling...

I made these from recycled tee shirts, knit fabric and recycled lace curtains
Who knew such beauty could come from
Such a simple source..
Try your hand playing with some old tee shirts
See what you can create..

Happy Recycling

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI Pull Out The Tee Shirts

I had the fun opportunity to work with and recycle some tee shirts.. 
  I did some at

And I did some for

I had a fun time learning the designs at The Little Blue House ,
Some are my own design 
 I also found Some of the others on my new favorite place Pinterest...
come join me there
It is a very fun place to get stuck....  :D

Now on to my fun designs

Little Blue House designs


These I made on Friday night
I love how fast they work up

Braided to add to my scraf
Could also be a head wrap
or used on its own

Scarf Style

Love this so much
Add any color broach or pin
Or even a long necklace

This one I showed several wrap options..
Would look awesome with some jewelry too..

And for the wild side.. this with beads
Or Gems or Conchos
You can just do so much with these

Please I have only started with these.. they can be casual or dressed up
For evening wear.. you can even wear them in your hair as a wrap too...
My manni doesn't have a head to show this

Whew that was alot uh? 
Well they go along so fast you can make many in no time..
Tommorow I will show you some infinity scarves
I made at my retreat, while on vacation...

Happyily Recycling Tee Shirts