Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Camera Strap

Hi everyone...over at U Create Crafts they started a monthly challange...no shipping, all fun...make the suggested item in your style, your taste, your creative way and send a picture to U Create for posting...thats it...I loved this months idea...A camera strap see directions here . I did mine a little different.. since I only have a little camera strap. I altered it to fit mine and here is it

and here it is on a camera

I love it and have used it everyday since I made it....cannot wait to see next months challenge...she posts these the last day of the month, so I

hope you check it out too...

have fun crafting..


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soap Box Challenge

 I joined Lisa and lots of others for her challenge to alter this
fun soap box...( I actually like the soap lots too)

so I put my brain to work..what shall I do...what shall I do...I decided to do this..

its a 3 Dimensional Birthday Card


on the back

and the fun close up details....

I just love how my box turned out...one of my friends will get this lovely card for thier special day...Thanks Lisa for a very fun challenge...I am off to see what the others have done with this...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am Sorority Sister Now.....Rush


I joined a blogland Sorority or Sisterhood at Some Days Are Diamonds and to be iniciated we had to make something using this graphic...This is my crafts for Rush....

isn't it cute....well I made two things using it
 the first is a ATC I needed to get sent out for swaps with Elaine in Michigan and Margaret in United Kingdom...got the idea of using the playing card From Donna at Bryonwood Needle works..thanks Donna.

the second item I made is a Brides Sewing Kit in a Tin

the inside is decorated too

this will be for sale in my ETSY shoppe real soon...

head on over to

and meet all the Sorority Sisters...and see what they come up with for this graphic... I need to get my pic of this with me in it...lol...I have never done a self portrait... This is Hosted by Karen

have fun meeting my Sisters...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Have Little Ones in My Garden

I have babies of all kinds growing in my garden......Yeppie....I have some new crops I am tring out this year...I tried the seed strips you can get now..and I must say not one thing I planted with them come up...so no lettuce or onions for me this year.  but look at what I do get.

Corn Cob

and pumpkins too...look at that little guy hold onto the fence


and tomatoes too

I get so excited when I see the little buds coming on....it means god has given me a gift for all my hard work...I made a lady scare crow that I didn't get out this year....but I kept the birds away with flying cd's in my garden....they work so well the birds dont' even come in the back yard at all...so maybe ...just maybe this year I will get to enjoy the fruits of my labor..and hopefully I will have home grown pumpkins for my grand-kids when they come for Halloween this year...

I am blessed with flowers in my vegetable garden...are you...


Monday, June 21, 2010

Buttons, Buttons and More Buttons

I have been wanting to do this for some time...well that time has come...didn't take as long as I would have expected thou. I sorted all my buttons by color.....oh my do I have tons of them in every shape and color....take a look see...

Whew!...now I can find what I am looking for in just the right color...so glad this chore is done...and I bet I can use these way better than I could all spread out....This is a batch of buttons from 3 generations...my grandmother, my mother and mine all mixed together as one ....I tried hard not to look at every single one as I sorted...but this didn't work very well...lol..I had hoped for more glass buttons than I found in there...but what can one say...I have some still left on thier original cards too...

Man I have lots of buttons...

what is your obsession....how do you organize it...

enjoy your day


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Glass Solder Ornaments..

I went visitng the glass shoppe again....this time we made ornaments. I wanted to learn a bit of decorative solder but we ran out of time...I love the one I got done and the other one will be done soon...I did however learn to use the copper patina...I love gold color better than silver so I was pretty jazzed about this... This first one I made with lots of wire works and marbles...I love it...simple but elegant

and look at this fun copper color...

this one will be done soon....when it is I will repost it for you to see....they are both so sparkly...I think I might etch on them.  Didn't post a picture this time of me holding my finished project because it was so warm in the shop that I was ringing wet by the time I was done creating..so we headed to Olive Garden for dinner and drinks...yum...margarittaville....lol..gonna be a long summer here in Texas..next time I will carry my own fan with me...

enjoy your Fathers Day weekend...
I send my prayers to my dad up in heaven that he knows I still love him lots..
and I feel him with me.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create

It starts tommorow...right here ......go check them all out...you will not find my messy room here but there will be oh so many to choose from and look at..oogle till your hearts contect and it comes with prizes too...I cannot wait ...I have been seeing glimplses all over the place in blogland...sure wish I had gotten my act together and done something with mine...

enjoy you tour of the creating studios of many crafters just like you....  

 Special Addition for Lisa over at

I am not a part of the big group but here are parts of my very messy room
lets turn on the lights, they aren't very good so my pics aren't great but you will get the just of where I am when I am talking to you ...

some fun details

some of my storage for all the stuff I need to keep I mean use up

my memory board that gives me inspirations..

where I sit and do what I do to create and talk to my friends...

the spot were I physically make it happen..as you can see I have been working on many projects and haven't put my things away yet...

well thats the tour I am willing to share right now....next year I will work on this room to post with all the big dogs....hehehe!

they so inspire me to get busy...

there ya go my friends, the place that I create...well one of them I have a shop in my garage also...whole nother story there..


Glass Jewel Box

 This is one of my favorite things so far that we have done....it is delicate and pretty...not sure what I will do with it or put in it...but I love its style and the techniques I learned making this is what I went for...I tell you ladies local to Fort Worth you have to stop by the Merry Merry Go Round Glass Shop  and check out the classes they offer...some are expensive, some are very affordable..but all are fun and exciting,....to learn the new techniques is what they are there to teach you...I love Larry and Vicki, they are so giving and share their talent with everyone that enters....ok enough about that..

 Here is my Jewel Box

I got all the soldering done at the shop
but then needed to decorate it

itsn't it just lovely...it measures 2x2x2 on the glass parts with out the little legs she let me have...not so easy to install...lol
what , oh what will I keep in this little box...? I always look so tired on this day...it is my weekend and I run like crazy to be able to relax and have fun in the evening... I wish you could join me ...