Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspiration Board

I joined in on the fun over at

for May...
I have had this beautiful frame hanging around for some time now...
I got just the right amount of inpiration to get this done..
And I must say I love it..!
This will look so good in my craft room too..
All recycled materials...
An old velvet bed spread,
A beautiful oval carved frame,
And the chicken wire from a previous project. 
Spray painted gold to match 
Bits of metal embossing and some small cloths pins
Wha La! my creation is born

It is so humid and hot here in Texas
It really is hard to get a good clear
Picture of this , it is a bit on the shiny side
With the blak and gold distress paint

even my little clips are decorated to match
with embossed metal tops

added a bit of bling with metal embossed flowers
to match my decor

And she turned out to be a real beauty
Not living in the garage any more
Good for her to finally
See her second day
Meaning this beautiful
Old wood frame
I grabbed from who knows where
She lives in my studio now

Happy Crafting and Visit
Ucreate to see all the other entries for this month


Monday, May 30, 2011

Celebrating Memorial Day

There is discipline in a soldier, you can see it when he/she walks.

There is pride in a soldier, you can hear it when he/she talks.

There is courage in a soldier you can see it in thier eyes.

There is loyalty in a soldier, he/she will never compromise.

...A soldier isn't a title that anyone can be.
These special people are chosen to protect you and me ......
Thanks to all soldiers past and present
To thier families and freinds
And all who sacrific
For me to be free
To my Soldier Gabe
Thanks for being the person you are
It means alot to me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

COH- Crazy Quilt Block #4

This weeks stich is the last assigned one and it is the

Half Chevron 

There are many versions of this stitch and
Many fun things you can do with it...
I only know this from seeing the other ladies work.
Mine is pretty amatuer yet.

and I did another version of this one too
just to learn a bit more

my block is moving right along..
I will be doing all the same stitchs on
my own block too

Its hard to make them match since this is crazy block style
So none of the seams are the same
But can add all the same stiches in the different spots
I will work on mine in between my swaps
just to keep me busy.

Laughing hard on that one!!!
keep me busy.

I will work out the rest of this block
ans be back with the finished product soon

Happy Stitchin

COH- Crazy Quilt Block # 3

I am still working away on my
Chain of Hearts 
Do Your Own Block Swap 2011

The next stich assigned to us is the
Chain Stitch
... yeppie one I can do and do well!!

 I added this pretty butterfly with a flowing
Chain stich behind him..
I added some little pinwheel things

and then a pretty butterfly with a trailing whimsy of wind
this will get a bit of pizazz soon

this is my block will all it has right now

it is coming right along
we have one more assigned stitch then
we can work on the rest how we want it to be
freedom of expression
coming up soon

Happy Stitchin

Friday, May 27, 2011

Posting Comments

I have noticed this problem when trying to reply to freinds posts...
If they have word verification I cannot post...
If they do not, I can post...

Please Blogger can you get a few things fixed..
I cannot see my freinds list
I am always signed in..
And my tools on my web page are gone.
I have to go into my dashborad everytime.

I cannot enter for giveways ,
ask questions or anything..
really takes away from the blogging experience...

I am praying things get back to normal around here soon

Are you having the same problems as me..
you know of a solution
please email me
or post here if you can so everyone can see a solution

Happy Long Weekend to all y'all

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat

I started a swap way back in November..
see a post about it Here ..
 this post showed the first item I recieved to work on from

 Deb of Mosaic Magpie
I was then to send it off to Australia to be with my goat

he has no name or a home yet.. but off he went to Lizzie in Australia

I made these fun plates for each of us
to document the travels
I wanted to make passports
but ran out of time

here is the goat I recieved
to start a project from
I named her Jenni

 The project I started with her
the front is her new home
on this fun Journal book

See the details upclose
love the cardinal in the tree

here is the back
it has the destinations
some marked out in Red "X"
Jenni didn't make it far
before the swap went a jar
I got this project I started back
and finished her up
for my freind Deb

aren't those flowers so cute
and the lisencse plates too

on the inside a special poem
written by my friend Gayle
the story of Jenni's travels
please read it to the end

a nice paisley lined the inside
a great place to hide my poem
just for Deb to see

and the binding
the story of this journal
"The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Goat"
this was my favorite part of the whole deal..
I loved how this journal cover
turned out.. and so glad that one of the goats
made its trek back home safe and sound
back with its mom Deb

I am a person who likes to finish what I start
so I feel great accomplishment
in calling this swap DONE!
I hope my friend Deb knows the love I put
into her journal
and enjoys it as much as I did making it for her
Farewell my freind Jenni
off to your new home
I am off to work on my next swap
still with stitchery and fabrics
stay tuned for some fun new things

Happy Stitichin my Freinds

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beary Special to Me.....

I did a swap way back at Christmas time
with my new friend in Germany ...
check it out Here 
in this swap I recieved a little bear name Merry Xmas. 
He is so much fun...
but he found himself a bit lonely
here in the USA all by himself..
So I contacted
to see if she could help us out...
He needed a partner in crime

She had her eyes on something I made that she loved,
 so we set up a private swap..
and we both sent extra lovelies
but I got this one little lovely
that Merry Xmas truely loved  

The parcel is from Germany

and it had some very fun gifts
my second Christmas ball
and some candies too

A little note to me as I shuffled thru the box

look at all my fun gifties
can you say happy face

this card with all it dimensions..

it is beautiful for real

then we have this little bag..
with bears all on it..
what could be inside???

a special note from all our bear freinds

A little girl bear named Cherry
she is the exact opposite of
in her colors

she brought me the smallest
gummy bears I have ever seen
her sized gummy bears

Cherry and Merry Xmas met for the first time
a wee bit shy were both

but soon were very close freinds

Merry wants a hug from
his new freind

they match together perfectly

the perfect little couple
now both happy
here in the USA

Thanks so much Birgit
I love my little bears.
they are just so adorbable
so glad we got to swap again
and so happy I too
now have a new freind.

 Happy Day
Me, Merry Xmas and now Miss Cherry
(thats how they say it in Texas)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soldering with Trisha

A good while back I took a class over at


We made the cutest little box and
A locket which I ruined messing with it..lol
That happens sometimes
I will show you when I make a new one

But take a look at the beautiful
Jewel box I did make

She showed us how to make this lovely
Little bird with solder
So easy and fun to do

And then this beautiful glass glitter
Was a very special touch.
I love the elegance of this simple
Little jewel box

We made the gold rose silver with a
Silver pen
(Clever Girl)

Isn't it beautiful and I made it
wowsers!... check out her site for other fun things
You can make too
I loved this and kept it for mine
Happy Crafting my Friends

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ladies Night Out

At Merry Go Round Glass shop.
Vicki posted we'd be making wire suncatchers...
I didn't know what to expect ..
didn't really wanna get out of the house...
but decide to go anyways..
I am glad I did I love my

Windchime Suncatcher

here is my design

and the completed solder job
this Zinc ring was hard to solder to
mine looks messy to me

I cut my chimes but ran out of time to finish it
so will add some more of those turquoise baubles
and make it sing in the wind

My freind Becky had an awesome design.
she called this her sunburst

I so love going to the glass shop
I am always inspired
and make some very fun things
and learn new things along the way
I love working with the leaded Cane

Happy Crafting

Thursday, May 19, 2011

OMG! OMG! Look What I Have

 I have my most favorite flower in my garden....
I cannot believe it...
in Texas

Real Lilacs in bloom
the smells


Not a full blown bush
but a few plumes
enough for me to smell them
and it grows on
I am in Heaven right

and look I have been blessed with
 one other

Rubarb in Texas

I so hope it grows big

even if they don't prosper and flourish
I am blessed for what I have
we shall see how they do.
I have done pretty good here
I am smiling today

Happy Spring

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Flowers

I had to make something for my girl when I went on vacation.
My Freind Sandy come by with a hat she purchased and I just loved it..
so I set out to make a mock version.
hers was done on a military camo hat.
the flower was hot glued to the hat. 
That was to much print for me so I went to my local Walmart 
and found this cutie for $5.
and set out to make me a hat.

I found a cute flower pattern on line to make a flower in layers..
I cut several layers of different fabrics
and added a gem to the center and made it a pin...
yep so it can be changed..
or worn on a scarf or a jacket or on a purse.

take a look

Jenni is looking a bit sassy isn't she

I also made this fun pink version to go on her black hat
it looked lovely to

I think I see making more of these in my furture..
She really liked them so I know they were

See ya next time

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

COH- Crazy Quilt Block #1 & #2

I joined the Yahoo Group Chain of Hearts..
they make and swap hearts....
with very, very nice hand works abound... 
They swap other things from time to time also... 
this time it is a crazy quilt block. 
I started out behind because I HAD  wanted to take my vacation. 
but I quickly caught up...
each week they give us a new stitch to use 
the first week was a
Button Hole stitch..
I thought I new this one...
but nope not what I thought it was.
take a look

The #2 week was the Raise Cup stitch
I still need to add my tiny small little beads to the flower centers
inside the cup.

I just love this little girl, but not so sure they will..
actually I think she is not very good.
I am not confident with her

She has found her new home now
and she looks pretty comfy
and she is growing on me
a bit

She now lives
On this fancy block that I soon will embellish
lots more..
cannot wait to see our next stitch.

So stay tuned and watch her grow
my goal for this year is to enhance my hand embroidery work
I am stitchin with the big dogs
but I know they wll help me find my way
and be a part of thier realm soon
Happy Stitchin