Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway from Lolly>>> Winner


Poster number 8

please notified me via my email address
to claim your prize

I can not for the life of me figure out how to show
the random number generator on my blog
if you can help me I would so
appreciate it..

Giveaway From

she has graciously offered us a freebie
thru my blog

check out her

she offers to us this one

in Leafy Leaf Green
( I call is Shamrock Green for this Giveaway)


 but I am giving it away
as a special  St. Patricks Day gift
from Lolly and I to one of my lovely followers

check out all the colors they come in

 here is Lolly's favorite color


Please leave your comment here on this post telling Lolly and I
what you will make using her

if you are the lucky winner

and please be a follower of our blogs so
you don't miss out on what we are doing with them

I will be drawing for a winner
the last day of March

I have so much fun at

when I get to attend
please check it out
via the link above
or if you local, stop and say
Hi Y'all

Happy Scrap Stashin Day
and good luck to you on winning
Lolly's special gift for one of you


Glass Jewel Box

We have done these before but I so love them...
I was excited to make another one...
good deal to...
I had forgotten how to do the hinge..!!
important part right..

here is the  Link  to my first jewel box
made at the

Merry Go Round Glass Shop

and here is my second try

and some side details..
 the embellishments
are not attached yet
I took the little flower center and had Vicki
fuse it so it rounded out nicely
then had to glue all the fun parts on

I cannot make one without legs for some reason..

Don't you love the teal colors
so soft and pure

my freind Sandy found this fun little gem
in one of the scrap boxes
at the shop

I Love her color choices too

then one of the other guests pulled this beauty out
she found it at Hobby Lobby
won't this look so lovely on the
rounded front of this box
I had to get me one too
don't ya know.

I need to make a few more of these
just for the fun of it..

Have a great day


Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Birthday Part #2

Pretty good I have a part two uh.... hehehe!
yes it was that great that I do.
I also got some lovely gifts and had dinner
with another freind named Charlie as well as Sandy..
our birthdays are all close together...
so we all celebrated this way together..

Charlie and I

Sandy and I
Dinner at Texas Road House

I got flowers from Becky

Flowers From Prima

A Tile Picture from Gayle
she knows my style

Brownies with a new pan from Karen

A shaukra Bracelet from Sandy
I love this clasp

she also got me a pencil sharpner
I liked and borrowed from her

Some candy and a card
along with a special pincushion and box
from Suella

I know I got more but didn't take
picutres... these came to me through
out the month so I felt special the whole
way thru, I love my friends
and they love me too....hehehe!
this has been the best birthday
I have had in a very long time
thanks to all of them

I got a special birthday song sang to me
by two small grand kids and their  momma
that made me cry.

I am feeling so loved..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Birthday.... celebrated my way...

My freinds and I spent the day in
Dallas for my birthday....
I know those who know me might think this weird,
 as I am not that big of a shopper..
but we were shopping for fabric,
beads, buttons and charms..
lace and trims off all kinds...
I can shop with this stuff around...
can't you?
and boy was it around...
every single corner ..
take a look and see what we seen....
and ultimately

my first view in the first store

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Scarf

A while back I crochet a scarf for my friend Sandy for her birthday all in

then I had a order for a red and black one...
 I didn't really want to sell them but hey ... why not.
So here is what I created for her

With a fun big flower too

Well she never did come back to pick this lovely up

I know it is about out of season and is for a few of us it is
but if you are interested this will appear in my 

 I am be selling it for $12.50 plus shipping
if you are interested please contact me
1st come 1st to get
I don't crochet much
because of my neck issues
so this is one of a kind
in this color

thanks for looking

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrap Stashers February

I know I told you I am behind on my posting...
way behind...
I will catch up I am sure....
but here is a fun Valentines altered tin we made at

for thier class called Scrap Stashers
you bring a list of things from
your stash and make an awesome fun craft from it

I love this idea don't you???

anyways, here is my cute little

Valentines Box

look at that cutest little girl inside
and some very fun details

and the inside is cute too

with a cute little note to my granddaughter
and hand made pretties

to finsih it off.. a beautiful backside too
with a few ribbons on top

this is a pile of stash now made so pretty

how can you use your stash to
make something fun and useful
just like this box?

try it out
and check out

for even more fun ideas

Happy Crafting

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Soldering

My Friend Gayle and I got together to do a bit of soldering...
I wanted to get some projects finished up..
it has been some time since I soldered so this was funtime for me...
check out the things I made.

A little Angel

Some Holly Leaves
been needing to be done since before Christmas

And a little heart sun catcher
so cute

I am hoping to soon take a Decorative solder
class to take my work to the next
level... I just love some of the work
with it...these all would be lots
better too..
felt so good to solder again...


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art Group March 2011

I went to the Art Group over at

this month and we were making ATC cards...
I got to work with embossed metals and other textures I
 haven't got to try yet
  here is everyones cards

lots of different styles and themes

and all kinds of textures and colors

Over at

I am in a ATC swap to do the theme Shamrock

Could this be more perfect ..kill two birds with one stone so to speak

so you guessed it..I worked on my all green Shamrock card

look at the layers and details

and I love this stamp back..I should have been smart
and stamped one so I could scan it in
so I could use it more
can you do that?
I have never seen a stamp I liked so much
I would love to have one of my own

and did you see it!!!... I decorated the back side too..

Yehaw! I did it for once...
lol... silly girl
I love the ones I get
with the backs decorated
but I never seem to do it

anyways..happy swapping and I look forward to
Art Group Next Month too


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recessed Lighting

I have decided to have some recessed lighting 
added to the outer edges of my craft room.. 
I have been working on my studio this year..
as part of my goal to get it organized and decorated..
it is the one room that I haven't done much to
since moving her 7 years ago.

I want to get my dressers all painted and maybe do
some decoupage on the drawers,,,
paint my desk top make curtains and little table skirts...
I have so much planned I so wish I had the time..
I think I am gonna stop some of the swapping that I am doing and work on my own things for a while...
I have got burned in a few so a break may be just what I need anyways.  Check out this one wall in my studio

and here is one of the dressers I need to redo

I got lots to work on to keep me busy
all thru the hot summer here..
no garden for me this year
so I can work on other things.

Give me some ideas
for lighting and decorating that wall

Blissful ATC Swap- March

I once again joined the ATC swap at

with Wendy as our Hostess...

this month Wendy choose a very challenging graphic for us to use.
But I am up for a challenge,
those who know me...
know I love them
 here is the graphic we had to use...
can be the whole thing.. part of it...
what ever we wanted to use from it.

what might you do with this?

Theme: Graphic Chose by Wendy

here  is what I did with it..

textures and layers everywhere.

sad...still not decorating the backs..
why do I not remember to do this...?

My Partner is

she has so many fun ATC cards you
have to check out her blog

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Pin Cushion Sew A Bit Swap

I joined in a
International  Crazy Pin Cushion Sew A Bit Swap

and her freinds... she provided the base directions from   

 and if you are a member of Flickr you can see all the bases


there are so many options to do these...
we will be passig ours around the globe for the next person to add thier touch to it and send it on...
I wish I could go with mine to all the great places she will see... 
I sent my base to

and here is what I am sending her to work on

A upclose look at the fun fabrics

I added this fun pattern for you to try out
if you want to play along as well

enlarge it to paper size , add 1/4 inch seam allowance if
you use fabrics that will ravel
have fun with it

I cannot wait to see the fun things that are done to my pin cushion

Happy Sewing my freinds


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glass Hearts

I am so sorry that my bloggin has run behind..
some health issues have kept me from posting many things..
I will work on this over the next few days..

so somethings are not in correct time line....
but still fun to share...
like this fun project we made over at

The Merry Go Round Glass Shop

My Freind Sandy made a beautiful pink heart

I asked to trade but she wouldn't let me..
Pink is my color you know.
hers is so loverly

I made two hearts, the first one all in reds

Don't you love my funky hair doo..
I was so hot this day I could hardly stand it
but that didn't inhibit my production
check this out

then I wanted to make one to send my Son-in-law
stationed in Afganistan

so ofcourse it had to have the same fun hairdo
and Red, White and Blue

and a few fun frilles too

I am getting where I actually like most of
my projects that I make
and building a bit of confidence with my work to

soon I will learn some decorative solder
and move this show to the next level

I cannot wait.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

LBH Organizing- Week #6

I have been working my tail off getting my studio in tip top shape... this weeks challenge to organize from

this weeks challenge is

I don't have many of these either

so I store them all in these fun drawers

and I have easy access to them

for those of you that have many..
please check out

to help you get all your stamps and inks in a row...

Happy Organizing


Friday, March 11, 2011

LBH Organizing- Week #5

Well here we are a litel over  1/2 way thru and we have our next Organizing Challenge from one of my favorite places to hang out

this weeks challenge is to organize our

Well I don't have many Lotions and Potions...
so my glues and all fit in this one draw mostly

and my stickles and stuff all fit in this lovely pink box

and I found this fun thing to store my daubers

But please check out all the great examples sty the

stayed tuned for more organizing in my studio