Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lovely Giveaway

Over at:

She makes some beautiful things for your eye to see..while there join me in the fun scoot and take a look see at all the beautiful work


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Cross for Mya

My friend Deb from Proper Prim
has a new member to her family named Mya...she is so small and precious..I wanted to send her a gift...since Mya is an angel from above I had to add this little baby angel to the center of my horse shoe cross. I sent it off to Deb for her baby room

Mya was born pre-mature so please keep prayers for her continued health and growth...she has a wonderful grandma to love on her...

Congrats Grandma Deb...


Monday, September 27, 2010

Brynwood Needleworks 500th Post Giveaway.....

This is the mother load of giveaways....a lap quilt made for you personally by Donna at Brynwood Needleworks...  if you have never seen her work you better head right over and check it out then come back here and finish reading is that lovely that I would send you away from my blog to hers...just kiddding I want to share her with all my friends...she writes lovely posts, and kes (her furbaby) sneaks in on her lap top once in awhile and talks to us to ..Hubby Handsome even plays a part on her blog....I met her when I first started to blog and check out her place daily, its like going to the coffeee shop on the corner....I never get bored its really no wonder she  has so many freinds (followers) and daily she posts fun new things for us to enjoy...I have done swaps with her, learned from her and been so inspired buy her....please I encourage you to atleaat go visit her at

mostly to meet a new friend,,,she is a special lady you will see...

Congrats on so much fun with your blog experience Miss Donna....see ya in the morning.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Gift for my Daughter

And my freind Dee  in Topeka...she loves these too..she has purchased many from me...I am thinking of adding them to my ETSY shoppe....I call them Head know right..

so nice for those ladies that like to run around with a towel on thier head...stays put...what ya think..would you use one?


Friday, September 24, 2010

I won, I won, I won

 And wanted to Thank You all who voted for me and my ATC holder..I was so excited about this since I had told my friend if I win I am donating this gift package to a friend , who is just back into crafting and has a low stash....I have some things I will add to this and send it on to her...I hope she likes it and can us it all.

Wendy and Debbie such gracious hosts you both make this ATC Swap Blog so much fun....thanks for starting it all up and the work you put into it all...

Please if you like to swap, and like to meet new freinds and mostly like ATC cards head on over and join us at:

thanks again my friends for voting for me....I appreciate each and everyone of you


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some One Has a Birthday Today

Her name is Terri from Pringle Hill Studio ... her friend Lynn got us all together from Bliss Angels ATC Swap Blog and we made 60  count them 60 ATC cards for Terri for her 60th Birthday.Lynn made an awesome box to hold them all...what a friend right....well I was lucky enough to get in on this and here is my card for Terri..

I love the looks of is one of my favorites of all the cards I have done...

the back

and up close so you can see my glitter

you can see all the cards and the box here

Terri I hope you have a wonderful Birthday...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Please Place Your Vote!!!!

Weather it be for mine or another favorite please head to 

and place your vote for your favorite ATC holder

place vote by sending an email to this address:

thanks DeeDee

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day to Shop....

I always go thru the thrift stores up north...they are chock full of frun stuff and the prices are always great...way better than where I am from.

I needed some more plates, some small hangers, and what ever else I could find...look at all this fun stuff

I liked this and I think I can make this ...I love finding ideas in these places too

my trip was spent with family and friends and all kinds of people along the way not mentioned here...I head home tomorrow for the 14 hour and my puppies..
parting is always bitter sweet for me...
I cry many tears to leave , my girl , my little ones and my life long freinds.

sending one last prayer to the sky for my soldier
Sgt. Gabriel Riley

and love to may parents whom I miss dearly..


Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day of Fun with My Friend Alice

I settled in for the day to relax and have a bit of fun...this is the day when who ever wanted to see me could come to visit...and my friend Alice and I had a bit of crafting planned too...we wanted to make the wind chimes from dinner plates...  we all gathered around the kitchen table

Devin wasn't  interested after a little bit so him and mom did this

Miss Danika helped us to string some beads...she is very good at it too

we worked and talked and got our visit in..

assembling the chimes

Alices Chime

in its new home

it gets a soft gentle breeze here..

 and mine


I went plate shopping while up north...great deals
this on only cost me $.50

I love to craft you all know that...but to do it with a long distant friend is a memory that will stay with me...We met many many years ago and always keep in touch..

So nice to see you again Miss Alice..Luvs ya


Thursday, September 16, 2010

ATC Storage ...Help Me Out Please

I am a part of the Blissful ATC Swap Blog  we were challenged to make a storage for our ATC's and I need you all to go and vote for your favorite  (which possibly could be mine), but there are several to choose from

vote here
Starting on September 20th

I will post you a reminder...but until then please look mine over

I will decorate the drawers different as I fill them...

here is my first drawer front ..I used thier picture thought it looked ATC like ...don't you

so thats a little taste for you and a reminder will come to you again on September 20th where you can see them all and vote for your favorite....but in the meantime check us out anyways...hope you can join in on our Monthly ATC swaps too...

thanks for you support, please join us


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blissful ATC Swap Cards

This months Theme is Leaves..and I get to swap with my new friend at Palaver from Pellie & Ghengis Khat
I tought long and hard on this these...the only thing that come to mind is playing and falling into freshly raked thats what I tried to create....

each little leaf hand made by me...punched, dabbed, and lined...they look so cute in person wish I could get that in the picture..

can ya see the little boy having a bit of fun...this is a chore no one likes...but in the end there can be a fun times..

is a fun place to swap and make new friends..won't you join us...

here is the card I recieved in return from Penny at


and the card

Thanks so much Penny for being my swap partner this month...
See ya next month when the Theme is:



Monday, September 13, 2010

Since Its So Hot

I bought the kids some Ice Pops and gave them the covers  I made to keep their hands warm while eating them

heres Devin with his

And Miss Danika with hers

they actually worked well...and cooled this Hot Hot Hot summer day down..


Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day at the ZOO !!!

Yes we were off for a day at the Omaha Zoo....great idea right? I go in to wake up the family...they all look so you believe I was next to Danika and Bentley was at our feet...all nice and close and snuggly

then we hit the road...we run by and Picked up Hannah...remember my niece I hadn't met...well here she is ...she is adorable and looks so much like our family

heres my beautiful Girl


and me Driving

Hannah and Danika

Devin with his little glasses

we met up with my Cousin Lori and her girls and all her grandkids...she lives in Omaha and had free passes for the kids...always a was already starting to heat up for the day...

Hannah the Lion

and all the electric kids

onto the Desert Dome

the girls march ahead

the moms bring up the rear...already we are getting so hot...

the kids sit for a spell waiting for the rest of the group, we had about 15 of us all total

Serenity, Kegan and Hannah
cousins meeting for the first time too

then it was on to see some animals out side...HOT! outside

and we were right back hot now...almost to hot to go on....

Hannah at the Ape show

Danielle and the kids one the other window

whats next..whos idea was very very HOT! outside...
so back inside to the Aquarium....this was a big hit..and so so much cooler..

ok we had enough, just  couldn't go on any is the hottest day of the summer on this day and we choose to go to the zoo..which by the way when you go in ....goes down hill so when you come out you have to go up hill....whos plan is this...actually the Omaha Zoo is a very nice zoo...we just chose the wrong day to we headed to Lori's house for a visit, to get cool  and let the kids all get to play..inside in the cool ..

here are the gang of most of the kids

ok now we have to travel a hour and a half back home

this is what the kids did......

Hannah was the first to go

then there went Devin

Danika she is holding out
zoning on the DVD player

poor Devin sit him up we can take his picture...
thats better

an finally Danika went for a little snooze
this means it was a very hot fun day at the zoo..

Note to self...I am not taking vacation to head north in August and expect it to be cool for fun things liks was I thinking!!!...REALLY!

we were together thats all that counts...
Love them all lots.