Friday, December 11, 2009

Beautiful Candle Wraps

I made this candle wrap for a friend who has been telling me how much she loves thought I would try my hand at it..I have seen some beautiful ones around...several at Mosaic Madness  which is my favorite place to craft and my favorite place to send freinds to shop..they have a beautiful selection of crafts ready to purchase including these candle wraps located down town Waxahacie, TX.  Sign up for thier newsletter so you can get updates and a coupon too...don't for get when shopping to bring your coupon for the best price of the year.

Ok back to my candle shown I have it wrapped around a wine bottle my freind will get the candle wrap, the wine bottle cover with a bottle wine inside as her complete gift....

I bought the wood base at Mosaic Madness, and you can purchase all the parts at Mosaic Madness also.....tell them DeeDee sent ya,  the metal cross I purchased  at First Monday shopping with my freinds, I purchased the ceramic cross at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and the fun fabric wrap material  at Hobby Lobby also... the wine bottle box come from Hobby Lobby a few years ago after I have kept the costs down on this gift. I have a few more of these I am slowly getting parts for with my coupons...will post soon. Happy Holidays,,,,,,,,,


Brenda said...

wow this is soooo pretty DeeDee!! I have been wanting to decorate one with polymer clay and never have had the time, your friend is so blessed and will love getting this!

RuthieB said...

Dee Dee! I finally made it to your blog. It's wonderful!!! I love, love, love this candle wrap!

Proper Prim said...

Hello my friend... it was so nice to see you today... I re-followed you... I wondered what happened to you... Love the candle wrap... I will have to investigate those a little further... I love what you did to the wine container and the crosses... I know where I can get a ton of those really cheap... If you need more let me know.

Hugs Deb