Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Garden

Well my summer garden in Texas doesn't do very well so I decided to try my hand at a wionter garden...even got me a lovely scarecrow out there to watch over it all..her name is Jenni

she is tall in stature, but her arms are a bit deformed..I havent' gotten them fixed yet.. soon shw will hold a basket with garden utensils

we planted brocolli

and brussel sprouts


all kinds of lettuce

and a Ocra

my tomato bush from my summer garden hung on thru the heat and now it actually producing me some

so ther you have winter garden...wish me luck and keep Jenni in your prayers she has to survive the Winter out there...well it isn't so bad since we live in Texas...when it gets to cold I will bring her in...

Happy Winter herbs are doing great too..



Terria said...

wow Dee your garden is really growing

Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Your garden is beautiful! No winter gardening here in frigid Iowa! And Jenni is just so lovely. I think maybe she looks a bit like you??!!??

Fun With This and That said...

You are doing great to have a garden. What is her head made of? Jenni is very nice look in the garden. We got 5 inch of snow the last week end. We lived in Tx about 30 years ago loved it.I know what you mean about behind bloging My box was sick. But I have a clean house. Laura