Monday, November 8, 2010

Goat Herders Swap

I got myself involved in a fun swap project over at Soggy Bottom Flats with Elaine she is hosting a swap using felt goats see post here.

here is Elaine's goat

and my goat that I sent to

I recieved Debbie's Goat from Kentucky, 
that I need to make into something for her

So Liz gets my goat to make soemthing with, Elaine gets Lize's goat to make something with, Debbie gets Elaine's goat to make something with( which I have her and it is awesome too!!!)  and I get Debbie's goat to make something with. Then we pass to the next person to do the embellishing and assembling, then send it back to its owner...4 ladies work from across the coutries on each item. Fun uh.! I cannot wait to see what my goat becomes and I need ideas of what Debbie's goat should be ..please can you help me out????

please check out these ladies blogs and see all the fun work they do...I am off to work on Debbie and Elaine's goat...yep I have them both here already...I think I got my idea as what to do to add to Debbie's work on Elaine's project so will start there...

please if you leave me a comment I need help to make Debbie's goat into a project...and he needs a name too....!!! please help

Happy Crafting DeeDee


BiWuBär said...

Hey, that's quite a project - but sounds like a lot of fun anyway. Can't wait to see what the goats will look like at the end... Here's my very crazy suggestion for your/Debbie's goat: Turn it into an angora goat, you know, the very long-furred goats mohair is made from (I can't help it, I'm a bearmaker - lol). Make it very furry und fuzzy, that should be funny. At least I would think so after so many words beginning with fu- ! ;O)

Have a great week!

MosaicMagpie said...

I will be reading the comments you get on this post for sure! I am glad you are giving Mr. Goat so much thought. I will give you some ideas, a pillow is always nice, a small wallhanging to go in my sunroom, a cover for that always needed extra roll of toilet paper, a Christmas tree ornament or Valentine that gives you some ideas on where to start. What ever you do, you know I will love it. It will serve as a reminder of this fun
"Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat"

soggybottomflats said...

Hmm, need some ideas huh? Debbie might like a new bowling ball bag cover with a goat! With sequins and a feather boa? Or maybe a know, tutu funny! I crack me up too! Gosh, I hope Debbie likes it, lol, she may hunt me down though. Best to you, moi

Margaret said...

And not a ' SILLY OLD GOAT AMONGST THEM " sounds like an interesting project.