Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ornament Swap Recieved

I did a ornament swap with Marsha at Marsha's Musings and my partner is  Birgit at BiWubaer on the Blog ...she sent me a fantastic gift in return...check out what I sent her Here ..  mine really pails in comparision to what I recieved....Birgit is from Germany. I spent 4 years in Berlin, Germany and I just loved Christmas time over there, so beautiful. So on with the treasures...

The box showed up at my house looking like this....

I thought, "Oh No this doesn't look good"

here is what was inside..Birgit said it was all there, so to see if all is safe

This beautiful card

That opens to be and advent calendar..
I am so sending this to my grandkids this year

then this lovely ornament, embellished with all kinds of gems and sparklies

and look at the dimensions to this...it is just lovely

it come with Directions....

because there is more...this lovely little bear named
Merry X. Mas
he is so soft and plush
Birgit makes these little bears herself

look at that little face...you have to love him

and his cute little angel feathers with a special little name tag

All the details are just perfect...I will treasure him for always..

I just adore my gifts from Birgit.

and he is now joined with his friend that I bought when I was in Berlin so many years ago..

two little German bears living together in the USA with me

Merry X. Mas is the first of Birgit's bears to come to live in the States.
Am I blessed or What!!

this is Merry X. Mas the night before his travels at Birgits home...so nice and tucked in
so sweet isn't he

Birgit is as sweet as her little bears..please pay her a visit at her blog and see all the little personalities she has created with love for each one.

Birgit I had so much fun swapping with you and getting to know you
thanks for the smiles..I needed them
and know little Merry X. Mas has a safe and loving home here in the states with us
Please lets keep in touch
Happy Holidays Y'all


BiWuBär said...

Hi DeeDee,

I'm so glad my part of our swap has finally arrived - although I still believe they played soccer at DHL with that poor parcel... ;O) And most of all I am glad that you liked it - I have no doubt Merry will have a loving new home, you are such a gentle person, girl! Our swap was so much fun and the best part is - beside the beautiful ornaments I received from you - that I got to know you!

Bye for now!

MosaicMagpie said...

What a sweet little bear you received. I love the size of him and to think of all the work she went to creating him. What a fun swap!

Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, my, what lovely treasures you received!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the ornament exchange!


DeeDee said...

Birgit I am so glad we got to become friends...I was so happy when She assigened us together and I loved swapping with you very much I got me two freinds in the deal..you and Merry X, Mas too


Thanks so much for letting me as a stranger come into your swap...I love the creations you made from my blog post and you as a new freind also...

let me know if you get another swap going on...

love you both now...hugs

Debbie I know I wish you could see him.,,,he is just precious and dear to me now...

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por ese intercambio tan entrañable.
Me ha encantado lo que tu has mandado y lo que te ha mandado Birgit.
besitos ascension

Diane said...

WOW, gorgeous ornaments Ÿ

Debbie said...

I'm really enjoying looking at all the peoples blogs, that were involved in the exchange and seeing what Ornaments they sent and received.

Sherry said...

It's so great that the things sent in your package arrived safely. The bear is just adorable. I have enjoyed seeing all of the fun exchanges.