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Hi my name is DeeDee and this is my personal Craft Journal...This is where I will post the multitude of crafts that I do...A few personal things might slip in here and there but for the most part I am a crafter/ designer and that is what you will see....Comment if you like, I would love the to hear from you....make today your day to stop and craft it away....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sculpey Clay Class

I took a Sculpey Clay class today...not to be creative but to learn the techniques and stuff used. So the projects I made were as they demonstrated..We made a jar ( glass) 2 pen covers ( plastics) and a altoid tin ( metals). after this I can certainly see myself using this stuff a bit more than I have already...very limited so far...I joined this club thru called Texas Glass Art. last time I joined them we did mosaics this time sculpey clay..I can see myself returning here I love it and the people are so very nice too. Check for fun groups in your area. They only charged me $10.oo to make all three of these items..I was so hot (103º) in Texas today) that my clay kept getting to soft.. Michelle got out the termometer and measured my hands temp at 101.4º wonder my clay was getting to on cool day of fun crafting to me...


Nita said...

These turned out really nice! great work! I know you'll be doing more of these.

Brenda said...

Glad that you are playing with the polymer clay! all it took was to feel that clay in my hands and I was hooked!!
Awesome projects.....did they give ya any good tips on how to keep your finger prints off the clay?And how to keep the air out? I ma self taught so I still have sooo much to learn.
You will be amazed to see all the talented polymer clay artists and the work they do.