Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful Pins

I made some beautiful pins to go with my ice cream/ cupcake pin cushions...I love them..they are just my style..


Angie P said...

very cute...I've been meaning to try to make some with clay, love these!!!

Jody said...

They are gorgeously Blingly made! ....giggle!
, keep making my heart and eyes happy....
Love ya, hugsies, jody

pam/pixiegem said...

jeez woman your talent totally amazes me!
keep shining! :)
hugs, pam

Nita said...

cute pins. I really like those!

Brenda said...

WOW!!! Working all those days in a row I really missed out on some awesome projects!!! These are just beautiful DeeDee!!
I am so amazed when I was working yesterday I seen some pink and blue plastic cupcake cups in the clearance and told my manager what you had made!