Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mosaic Madness

My friends and I headed down to Waxahacie, Texas today. On thier town square is a shop called Mosaic Madness check out thier site. I have been going to the mosaic shop here for almost 6 years now thru 3 different owners and have met some awesome artists too. I love this place and have taken many many friends with me to craft for the day. Today was a special day thou.. I finished my first ever mosaic piece. I started this as a stepping stone for my mom ( who has now passed away). Well I didn't like it much so never did finish it and thought I had plenty of time to do that. Time ran out and she never got to see it..maybe it was really meant for my yard cause now it is done. I had a moment of remembrance when I seen it done..on to funner things. the black and white square is a hot plate. I made this one for me last year along with a red ,white and black one for my daughter. Well when grouting them I dropped I finally got it I love moving on to new projects, even when some of the old are not completed..its a bad pattern . Then last but not least is one of a set of 6 stepping stones I have started for my back yard garden...this one is honey suckled with a little humming bird feeding..I am going to truely love this set I can tell already. Please forgive my picture of me..this is me with no sleep for 24 hours so I can have fun with my friends...Ah! the joys...but hey ya only live once right I am doing what I love to do...craft with friends.Hope you can find time in your day to craft with a friend too.


Nita said...

They look wonderful!!! You did a really good job on them.

mosaic1 said...

Isn't mosaic the best?? I love the colorful aspect of it, makes me feel like I'm quilting, except in a way i enjoy! Love your hummingbird! Is it a kit or did you cut the glass yourself?