Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recycled Be-jewled Boxes

I love these little jewel boxes..I made 4 to start and already have sold them all...It seems I have a constant supply of these little boxes so I had to make some thing form them..I will give one of these to a new special friend I am about to meet from the PC Crafter Message boards. Will meet Charlie90se/Charlie tomorrow evening.


Nita said...

I can not believe the things you come up with!! Very cute! You are the Queen of Recycle!!!!!!

Brenda said...

DeeDee! This is sooo adorable!!! Your hug sister will love it!!!

Paula said...

You always come up with the cutest things. Love the boxes..

mosaic1 said...

Yet another cool've gotta ease up on the snuff. It'll rot your teeth and give you cancer, not to mention it's a real date-killer!