Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Vase for a Flower

I love making these vases for the one special flower....this recycled protien drink bottle works just perfect for this holds water..can be hung and is beautiful decorated...

the handle is thin copper wire decorated with beads and spirals...
so lady like, can you see the little heart

the vase body like a beautiful fitted corset

then a special card personalized for the intended person

and finally I present the single flower to that one special person..these can be hung on the bathroom mirror, the car window, the long mirror she adjusts herself in..even the tv or computer monitor...anywhere a suction cup will hold. celebrate that special person in your life with a small little blessing.

I had fun making this one and will be featuring a few in my etsy shop real soon...please make today special for someone you care about...



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Dee Dee:
What a clever and cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

MsJay said...

Very pretty and a nice idea.

Charlene said...

Such a cute idea Dee Dee. Thank you for visiting & your sweet comment. You said you are going to try resin yourself. TWO TIPS:
1. EXACT MEASUREMENTS! Don't look down on it when measuring. Get down where you look at the side of the measuring container. Do not reuse the same container to remix more resin. Always start with a fresh container.
2. MIX WELL. When you think you have mixed it well... Mix some more. HAVE FUN!