Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

 I had a beautiful crop of roses this year...I posted some earleir as they were coming out to bloom.... I have 17 different rose plants in my yard. I just have a normal size suburbian house...nothing big...actually quite small...but I have found places to fit all my lovely yard is all flowers, almost everything in it blooms at some lets take a small stroll thru a few that I got pictures of this year...Sometimes the storms take them out before I get to record thier beauty..

My Garden Angel she stands about 3 foot tall..she rests in my front yard, I have many beautiful pics of her.

one of my favorite colors
 and the fragrance is so smooth to the senses

we have a visitor on this miniature in the back yard

the perfect minature rose...and the most fragrant in my garden
called Cecil Brunners and is native Texas Rose, blooms all year...smells like 
 a natural air freshner....lovely frangrance

perfect ruffles in a multi-toned pink
minature rose

Luschious Reds
  looks and feels like expensive velvet

and a bit of yellows so soft and light

Vining Reds,
I got this from my van driver on my railroad road trip to Amory, MS..she had it started , we swapped Iris bulbs for this beauty

Lovely Pinks
so perfect and beautiful

Yellow and Orange
wish I had this in full bloom

I missed my peach and white ones this year...I got a few pics but they look so tattered in them..will catch them again in the fall...we get two blooms here unless they are continous bloomers, which bloom all summer
thanks for stopping to smell the roses with me this year...I have about 5 years growth on most of my yard so I am starting to see all the beauty of my creations...I love roses and my yard reflects this...

Hope your gardens are in full bloom near you too..


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Doodle said...

Gorgeous as always! Mine didn't do well this year .. drowned and beaten up with rains .. so thanks for posting yours!! ;o))