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Hi my name is DeeDee and this is my personal Craft Journal...This is where I will post the multitude of crafts that I do...A few personal things might slip in here and there but for the most part I am a crafter/ designer and that is what you will see....Comment if you like, I would love the to hear from you....make today your day to stop and craft it away....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Join in on the Fun


With me and Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered

I got me my box and I am ready to craft....gesh what should I do to this...Hey what will you do to yours...please join us... post to her site by June 28th for us all to see...great way to do postage, just upload pics...I am off to design my box...cannot wait to see yours too...tell her I sent you


What would YOU do with this ordinary soap box?

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