Friday, June 18, 2010

Glass Jewel Box

 This is one of my favorite things so far that we have is delicate and pretty...not sure what I will do with it or put in it...but I love its style and the techniques I learned making this is what I went for...I tell you ladies local to Fort Worth you have to stop by the Merry Merry Go Round Glass Shop  and check out the classes they offer...some are expensive, some are very affordable..but all are fun and exciting, learn the new techniques is what they are there to teach you...I love Larry and Vicki, they are so giving and share their talent with everyone that enters....ok enough about that..

 Here is my Jewel Box

I got all the soldering done at the shop
but then needed to decorate it

itsn't it just measures 2x2x2 on the glass parts with out the little legs she let me have...not so easy to
what , oh what will I keep in this little box...? I always look so tired on this is my weekend and I run like crazy to be able to relax and have fun in the evening... I wish you could join me ...



Teddi said...

it's such a pretty delicate thing

Fort Worth Auto Glass Repair said...

You have crafted things in very beautiful way. They are seems to very innovative. That must be appreciated.

Proper Prim said...

Dee Dee you do the nicest work. I love this little box and the little legs just set it off. You have a gift for glass.

Glad you are enjoying your classes so much.

Hugs, Deb

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