Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Up Fast

 Man my Crepe Myrtles are growing so fast....6 years in my house and they have gone wild...the one in the center of the yard is my original tree , I named it Shirley after my dear friend that used to live here...she always loved them too....she has returned to Casper , Wy now....we thought it very funny when the tree turned up white on top...hehehe! no pun intended Shirley......it is growing the slowest for some reason...the two on the corners of the house are grwoing like wild fire thou...they are blooming earlier and earlier every year.... I fell in love with these trees/bushes when I moved to Texas...they reminded me of lilacs...only they have no aroma... Big sad face on that one uh... the the bark peels off and they have a very smooth trunk, kinda cool really...you can shape them like bushed or shape them like trees....so very tolerant to the Texas heat also. hard to get rid of these things once you start them..

hehehe! I added a picture with Lucky for size comparison..that rock right there is bigger that he is....poor little guy...he is one lucky doggie...first dog on the block to have a tree in his yard.....he is a very spoiled doggie isn't he...Bentley was gone to the beauty palor on this day so Lucky and I we hanging out weeding the front yard..

my entry way is looking pretty good this year...nice simple and inviting.

wish you could come for a visit today...sit a spell and talk about some fun craft stuff with me...
enjoy your day,..



Proper Prim said...

Oh Dee Dee it looks fabulous. Love your entry way... I will be right over..lol

Hugs, Deb

Beth said...

Your crepe myrtles look great! We planted some down here in Southeast Tx about a month ago and they are blooming really nicely! Ours are pink, well crimson officially! I love your entry! I might have to come see you this hurricane season if we wind up having to evacuate...again....ugh!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love the look of your home, so pretty. I love my crape myrtles too, and your right they come up every where and very hard to get rid of.
I hope you enjoy the sewing box. And hope you will come back and visit often.
Hugs, Pat

Jody said...

i am ready to move in NOW! lol..... just adore it all