Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Have Little Ones in My Garden

I have babies of all kinds growing in my garden......Yeppie....I have some new crops I am tring out this year...I tried the seed strips you can get now..and I must say not one thing I planted with them come up...so no lettuce or onions for me this year.  but look at what I do get.

Corn Cob

and pumpkins too...look at that little guy hold onto the fence


and tomatoes too

I get so excited when I see the little buds coming on....it means god has given me a gift for all my hard work...I made a lady scare crow that I didn't get out this year....but I kept the birds away with flying cd's in my garden....they work so well the birds dont' even come in the back yard at all...so maybe ...just maybe this year I will get to enjoy the fruits of my labor..and hopefully I will have home grown pumpkins for my grand-kids when they come for Halloween this year...

I am blessed with flowers in my vegetable garden...are you...



Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

How exciting!!! Our garden is just about spent ~ too hot. But we've had a good run. Honeybunny loves to can so we have bunches of tomatoes and beans and soon will have pickles put up. I'm pretty good at the consumption part ;-)

Venus said...

Love your garden pictures. I'm especially enjoying the tomatoes from our garden. We've got corn about ready to be picked too. Does Lucky and Bently enjoy time in the garden?

Rose Sterling said...

Nice garden and photos! Our garden is more on herbs and a little of tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers too. I just started it last 5 months. My tomatoes are really red and good. Planning to have corns too.