Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Birthday.... celebrated my way...

My freinds and I spent the day in
Dallas for my birthday....
I know those who know me might think this weird,
 as I am not that big of a shopper..
but we were shopping for fabric,
beads, buttons and charms..
lace and trims off all kinds...
I can shop with this stuff around...
can't you?
and boy was it around...
every single corner ..
take a look and see what we seen....
and ultimately

my first view in the first store

and theres more
on rolls in barrels

but I am looking for laces, and trims and hem tape
and I found just that

plus all this satin and grosgrain ribbon too

and rick racks galore
$.15 to $.89 a yard

laces in every color

wait theres more...

I especially like this one..

oh and these too..
I spent the most right here

oh wait... luchious laces and more

then I wanted a bit of fur

Wow its Pink!!!
my favorite one.

and some bridal type fabrics too

 look at this lovely fabric...
 I so want some for me

now on to the button store
well not really, but they have lots of buttons here
look at this wall
can you say mouth watering

and all sorted so nicely too

I need a bit of this and a bit of that too

this is where Gayle wanted to go

Spist!!! she spent the most here

Sandy found the best spot for sure..

I got my fair share
and spent a little bit here
they even had fabric covered
hounds tooth buttons
I like alot.

then on to the heavy fabrics
I needed this too

my favorite place is

The Clearance Room

By now we needed lunch
we went on over to
Mommas Daughters Dinner
we eat here often when we got to Dallas
I always meet some one special when I go there
this time was just the same, I met

Sharnette L Hyter
Singer/Songwriter/Composer/ Producer

she gave me a gift, not even knowing it was
my birthday...a gift of her book

Spiritual Love Poems
All about God's Love

and one for my freinds too.
she touched my day in her special way
then she sang Happy Birthday to me

She has two more books coming out soon
check out her site

I told her I'd tell you all about her and show you her beautiful spirit
like I seen this day

well back to more shopping...when we seen this

I have never seen so much unknown
stuff inside a car like that..
I had to take a picture
Big City Style?
not sure about it..

Sandy works with beads
so off we go to the nearest bead shop
I was floored at the selection
Sandy knew what she was looking for

look at this selection
and all the beads

then off to dinner
which of course had singers and dessert

A hug from Gayle...who ordered it all

This day was special , becasue I was with freinds
doing the things I liked to do
I love my life with them
and wanted to thank them
in return for a happy day
on this Special day for me
this was just one
day I celebrated my birthday
it seemed to go all month long
Sandy and I  both had birthdays
so close together

I found all I was looking for
to keep me crafting for the year to come

Thanks You Guys
I love you lots


Sassy Marsha said...

What a fab way to spend your special day! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

RuthieB said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! Can you tell me where these places are? I'd love to take my mom!

Angie Palin said...

looks like you have a great day! Happy birthday

Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Happy Birthday, DeeDee! What a great time you had! I'm jealous! Guess what - my birthday is TODAY!!

ShirleyC said...

Happy late Birthday! That would have been my kind of day for sure! I could get lost in those places.

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!!! Sending big (((hugs))) your way,

BubzRugz said...

Happy Birthday... what a fun day.... you must have been exhausted afterwards!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy, happy birthday!! You had a wonderful day I can tell - sure do wish I could have tagged along.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dee Dee! What a great way to spend it with friends in such a fantastic looking craft shop. :D