Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recessed Lighting

I have decided to have some recessed lighting 
added to the outer edges of my craft room.. 
I have been working on my studio this year..
as part of my goal to get it organized and decorated..
it is the one room that I haven't done much to
since moving her 7 years ago.

I want to get my dressers all painted and maybe do
some decoupage on the drawers,,,
paint my desk top make curtains and little table skirts...
I have so much planned I so wish I had the time..
I think I am gonna stop some of the swapping that I am doing and work on my own things for a while...
I have got burned in a few so a break may be just what I need anyways.  Check out this one wall in my studio

and here is one of the dressers I need to redo

I got lots to work on to keep me busy
all thru the hot summer here..
no garden for me this year
so I can work on other things.

Give me some ideas
for lighting and decorating that wall

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