Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day to Shop....

I always go thru the thrift stores up north...they are chock full of frun stuff and the prices are always great...way better than where I am from.

I needed some more plates, some small hangers, and what ever else I could find...look at all this fun stuff

I liked this and I think I can make this ...I love finding ideas in these places too

my trip was spent with family and friends and all kinds of people along the way not mentioned here...I head home tomorrow for the 14 hour and my puppies..
parting is always bitter sweet for me...
I cry many tears to leave , my girl , my little ones and my life long freinds.

sending one last prayer to the sky for my soldier
Sgt. Gabriel Riley

and love to may parents whom I miss dearly..



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Safe travels, Dee Dee. We're back home after our long drive. Glad to be sleeping in our own beds again. Kes is glad to have us home, too. I always hate leaving her behind. Looking forward to your next post from home.

nancy huggins said...

Where up North do you go DeeDee....I hope I can find some shops like that when we get moved..There is NOTHING here! we will start loading up in 7 days (the 27th) I sure will be glad when this move is over and I am unpacked. I will be awol for a short time when computer comes down..Talk to you again soon

Paula said...

Oh what fun that looks like. I would love to shop in little places like that. Im sure you get inspired in so many ways just looking at all the pretties. Glad your enjoying your time.

Paula said...

What a fun trip and all that fun shopping. Im sure you will find lots of inspiration in those places looking at all the pretties.
Have a safe trip home.

Fun With This and That said...

Sounds like fun would like to go with you Laura