Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day filled with many things...

  First thing in the morning as I was sitting on the couch trying to wake up this is the vision I got of Little Devin

Thats Devin killin flys...with his little butt crack sticking had so much fun watching him...I bought them fly swatters shaped like hands for this activity,,they live next to a wheat field so they are every where..

today I gave them both thier Super Hero Capes

Devin in his, has cars all over it....he always goes like this

dom dom dun!

see his little hand
lmao! really

and the back side

Danika's has Tinkerbell all over

love the tu tu with the super hero cape..they both twirl really good..thats important to little girls ya know..they both jumped around for hours in these.

then we had to take Bentley for a trim on the back side..he had a accident that Poms usually do if you know what I we visited the fishes there while waiting

then were were off to the cemetary to decorate the graves of loved ones

and of course to see the new memorials

and visit the Swans and Ducks again

Whew a busy day for sure so we all ended up doing this....

and this

and this

the rest of the day....just relaxed because tommorow is gonna be another busy day filled with fun times...

come back and check it out...
wish the weather would cool some here..I wanted relief when I came up north...

lol..yeah right!!!


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Lynn Stevens said...

The kids look so cute in there capes! and what a busy day you had!
I checked out your posts with you ladies getting your tatoos! You go girl! Awesome!

this blessed nest said...

cute cute!

i've made my 4 y.o. some capes before. this year he wants to be darth vadar for halloween. all black - so boring! ugh. ;)
oh well.

happy weekend.

Teddi said...

those pix w/the kids n the cspes adorable!