Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day at the ZOO !!!

Yes we were off for a day at the Omaha Zoo....great idea right? I go in to wake up the family...they all look so you believe I was next to Danika and Bentley was at our feet...all nice and close and snuggly

then we hit the road...we run by and Picked up Hannah...remember my niece I hadn't met...well here she is ...she is adorable and looks so much like our family

heres my beautiful Girl


and me Driving

Hannah and Danika

Devin with his little glasses

we met up with my Cousin Lori and her girls and all her grandkids...she lives in Omaha and had free passes for the kids...always a was already starting to heat up for the day...

Hannah the Lion

and all the electric kids

onto the Desert Dome

the girls march ahead

the moms bring up the rear...already we are getting so hot...

the kids sit for a spell waiting for the rest of the group, we had about 15 of us all total

Serenity, Kegan and Hannah
cousins meeting for the first time too

then it was on to see some animals out side...HOT! outside

and we were right back hot now...almost to hot to go on....

Hannah at the Ape show

Danielle and the kids one the other window

whats next..whos idea was very very HOT! outside...
so back inside to the Aquarium....this was a big hit..and so so much cooler..

ok we had enough, just  couldn't go on any is the hottest day of the summer on this day and we choose to go to the zoo..which by the way when you go in ....goes down hill so when you come out you have to go up hill....whos plan is this...actually the Omaha Zoo is a very nice zoo...we just chose the wrong day to we headed to Lori's house for a visit, to get cool  and let the kids all get to play..inside in the cool ..

here are the gang of most of the kids

ok now we have to travel a hour and a half back home

this is what the kids did......

Hannah was the first to go

then there went Devin

Danika she is holding out
zoning on the DVD player

poor Devin sit him up we can take his picture...
thats better

an finally Danika went for a little snooze
this means it was a very hot fun day at the zoo..

Note to self...I am not taking vacation to head north in August and expect it to be cool for fun things liks was I thinking!!!...REALLY!

we were together thats all that counts...
Love them all lots.



MosaicMagpie said...

Now that is the way to spend the day!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Your family's before and after pictures look like mine - I bet they slept well!!!!

Proper Prim said...

Oh what a great day Dee Dee... you are right, all was important that day is you were all together. I am sure the kids will treasure that memory. So happy you had the time with them all. They are all so adorable.

Hugs, Deb

terri said...

haha, loving the pics and looks like a great time. Thanks for stopping by with Birthday Wishes!