Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day Spent with Danika

Danika wanted to go shopping for some school clothes so we headed to one of my favorite stores friend Alice also works here so I will get to see her too.

we had so much fun shopping..Danika filled the cart full of fun outfits and all the accessories...then Grandma broke the bad news....  we could only get two outfits, two shoes with socks and panites with tee shirts...the look on her face..WTH!   I know but she did get it down to the two outfits and two shoes...took awhile

then we were off to lunch at

she is a McDonald's kid...she had a first with me today..she never, never eats hamburgers or cheese burgers...on this day she insisted she wanted a cheese burger and look see how much of it she actually ate..

can you say adorbale cheesy smile

well she went on to eat even more before we left...then she said she wanted a picture of me too so here is her take on me

the angle is what got see me how she sees me.cute uh.

well we spent about 4 hours together just the two of us....then off to see momma and brother.
upon arriving home her mom asks," What did you do today" she replies with little legs crossed and talking with that one know how women do right...."We went shopping and then DID lunch"  she is so darned cute I just wanna keep mooching her all over..I am glad this trip I cose to do this with them..I dont' get to see them but twice a year so my time is important...this made it so special...wish I had thought to take better bloggin pictures to tell my story...but I was enjoying the moment...

now tomorrow is a day with littleman

see ya then



Venus said...

A perfect day! You created a memory she will always remember. She is adorable.

Proper Prim said...

Oh Dee Dee I am so happy you had such a great day. What a blessing.

Hope you had fun with the little guy too.

Hugs, Deb

Lynn Stevens said...

I remember taking my little guy to micky d's iot was always his fav. Looks like a perfect day.
Your post anout the deployment made me cry. I'll keep him in my prayers for a safe return!

Pat said...

What a FUN day!! Being a Grandma is SUCH FUN, isn't it!!! Glad you're having such a wonderful visit.

Diane said...

What a wonderful day and memories that were made. Thank you for yor precious comment on my blog. I will treasure it always.
Warmest Blessings