Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day Spent with My Daughter

Well this day is way different than the day spent with my grandbabies....there was no lunch, no playing in the park...we decided to get Tattoos!!!...I have been wanting to get one for some time now...so off we went...here I am all calm an collected just waiting for Tucker to start his work...then we laid the design on

isn't she beautiful...so we begin

...a angel with my granddaughters face, pink wings and a rosery holding the ribbons for lung cancer- mom, breast cancer- aunt and many friends and lastly one yellow ribbon for our soldiers....I bought this special shirt just for my tattoo...lol...see the stress on my face

it only hurts a little...she is almost done...for this time..I need to see how well that yellow is gonna look on my skin...so need to let it heal and add more if needed

isn't she beauitful...brown eyed little angel

then is was Danielle's turn..she is more experienced at this than I am ...her design a yellow ribbon with red, white and blue stars and a saying between her and Gabe, along with his name on the bottom

on to the fill
her design is almost done

the finished product

so this is a day spent with my daughter ...did you guess what we might do?
it was the best time I have had with each of these three and this will prally be a normal part of my visits from now on....time alone with each of them..

I will show an update when I get mine retouched...the yellow just doesn't look good...

and I want so many more now...lol..Oh my



Venus said...

DeeDee I can't believe you did that!!! Oh my goodness!!!

BLISS angels said...

good for you,I have always wanted to have one but never have.... post photo when you are healed... hugs Wendy

Teddi said...

gorgeous tatt! :D

MosaicMagpie said...

You are braver than I.

Patti said...

Nice tats ! Thanks for sharing, it was fun to see it it progress :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Well, my, my, Dee Dee! And I thought I was the adventurous one! lol
I'm impressed, girlfriend.

Thanks for posting my giveaway on your blog. Good luck in the drawing!