Monday, September 27, 2010

Brynwood Needleworks 500th Post Giveaway.....

This is the mother load of giveaways....a lap quilt made for you personally by Donna at Brynwood Needleworks...  if you have never seen her work you better head right over and check it out then come back here and finish reading is that lovely that I would send you away from my blog to hers...just kiddding I want to share her with all my friends...she writes lovely posts, and kes (her furbaby) sneaks in on her lap top once in awhile and talks to us to ..Hubby Handsome even plays a part on her blog....I met her when I first started to blog and check out her place daily, its like going to the coffeee shop on the corner....I never get bored its really no wonder she  has so many freinds (followers) and daily she posts fun new things for us to enjoy...I have done swaps with her, learned from her and been so inspired buy her....please I encourage you to atleaat go visit her at

mostly to meet a new friend,,,she is a special lady you will see...

Congrats on so much fun with your blog experience Miss Donna....see ya in the morning.



Brynwood Needleworks said...

Good morning, Girlfriend!
Thanks so much for showcasing my giveaway on your blog today! I really appreciate all your kind words...and your friendship. I'm sure your followers know what a wonderful and inspirational place you have here, too. It's always fun to stop by, see what you're up to and say "hello". I hope you have a fabulously creative week and look forward to catching up with you every day.
Good luck in the drawings, my friend.
PS. Don't forget to go and give yourself another entry by leaving another comment on the giveaway post for writing this post on your blog today, if you haven't already.

Teddi said...

DD it's cuz ur Donna's romantic styles R so similiar I think..but we know me & thinkin is a rarity ;)

Vickie said...

DeeDee, I received your ATC and it's so sweet. For your first attempt at zentangles, I think you did very well! Thank you so much!