Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Gift....for my Daughter

     I got this all finished and ready to give my daughter for her wedding. It was made to hang from the rear view mirror in her car. The graphics are her favorites, she has many in her house. The finish on this charm is called Patina. I love the darkened color of this alot and you will see it in my furture projects. It also comes in Copper patina that I cannot wait to try out...I am a gold person myself.  I had lots of fun making the design for this charm. I will be designing more real soon..

    I am so glad I went to learn how to make the solder picture charms. They are so much fun, watch for more of my finished creations in the coming days.

    I also cannot wait to see my daughter get married to this man....they were truely made for each other..and see thier family unite as one. He is a soldier in the Army, so please keep prayers for him..he is due to be deployed to Iraq in August.

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to visit me today.



Anonymous said...

Wow, Dee Dee, that's gorgeous! Looks like a fun craft. Love the beads hanging from the scrolled metal and that picture is as precious as ever! Congrats on the upcoming marriage and I pray for a safe deployment for your son-in-law.

Laura Gerencser said...


Jody said...

wow DeeDee, how beautiful, and such a wonderful souvenir for her forever! very very nice hon