Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

          I didn't have plans for my birthday , but my friends did....Ann Marie took me to lunch at Salt Grass.  I had prime rib, Sweet potato and a side salad.... with Rasberry lemon-aide..It was Yummo!!...

        Then Gayle and a few other ladies come over with dinner, spirits, gifts and a fun craft for us all to do.

The Dinner

       Dinner was grilled Fish and Chicken with Sweet potatoes, add cinnamon butter ... a side of  Brussel sprouts and Peach jello with whipped creme topping for dessert...... I at this point have eaten way to much food for one day....But man it was all so good!!!

Then the Bartender Set up the Spirits

Margeritta Mix as a base, then add your flavor
I had Rasberry

love the bottle with the red dress on it...lol..

My Friends

The Hostess / Bartender

The Cards

A gift from Gayle

....if you remember back to the Christmas party at her house we made altered cigar boxes....she made this one and I so loved it....This is the first hand made item I have recieved from her. She is an awesome painter...and crafter. We have tons of fun crafting together.

and on to the fun craft...Solder Jewels...of all designs

I don't advise to Drink and Solder at the same time...lol...not as good quality as you will see from mine..



she makes awesome jewelery, this was her first time with solder


she just had surgery on her foot and didn't feel comfortable soldering so she used the pre-made framed kind and decorated it all up for the teacher in her life.

and last but not least, mine....

a necklace and charms to make a bracelt for my granddaughter

 Two key chains with initials and a key ornament

          I need to add beads, chains and embellishments to mine... had to many spirits to finish them up on my birthday....to much socializing on my part...also I had to go back the next day and try to fix what I had done...which I thought was awesome the night before...I had so much solder on these poor litttle charms it was so funny...but I had a blast at my party. It has been far to many years since I celebrated in anyway on this day....Thanks to my friends I had a a totally awesome day...Thanks you guys. 

              So I will repost mine when I have them polished and finished into something beautiful....

Hope you always get to enjoy your special day....

              A special thanks to my blogland freind Tammy at T's Daily Treasures  for sending so many of her friends to give me good Birthday wishes...I have so many new places I follow now..she has awesome friends...please stop by and wish her well and tell her I sent you..she inspires me everyday.....I hope her birthday this month is as fun as mine was....

Thanks to everyone special in my life I had a wonderful Birthday...thanks all y'all..



Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hey DeeDee!!!
I'm so glad you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!
You have great friends and that's more than anyone could ever ask for.
Your Birthday get-together looked like soooo much fun, plus it was productive too!!!
Such great birthday memories~

Doodle said...

You lucky duck! That looks like such a fun time and great friends! Happy Birthday! I'm so bad - haven't blogged in a while! Getting back on track! ;o)

Venus said...

I'm so glad you had a most wonderful birthday! Looks like it was over-the-top.

T's Daily Treasures said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Even nicer that friends surprised you with wonderful food and fun crafting (and spirits!). :) Kuwait is a dry country but since we will be in Sri Lanka for my birthday, I'll get to have a glass of wine or Sri Lankan beer and sing Happy Birthday to me! I love your little monogrammed key chains. They are so very pretty! Hope you are having a fabulous day. Thanks for the shout out! Many blessings, Tammy