Friday, February 26, 2010

Key Chains for my Girls


   Yep you guessed it I am still  I have been working to finish up the charms I made at my birthday party. The key chains turned out nicer than I could have wished for. I  LOVE! them and thier style. I need to make one for myself now uh.  I formed the letters by hand in a fancy swirlly style. This was good ...I need to learn to attach things and still keep it looking pretty. I am getting better at the jump rings. They are the hardest part to put on. This is an art and it does take practice to get it all smooth..


     Part of my problem on these were, I was making them at my birthday party and we were drinking just a tad bit! So in my post for tomorrow you will see how these started out. I think I did a pretty good job cleaning them back

              Don't drink and Solder if you want them to be

      I chose to leave these in the polished solder color. I get to do the other fun craft of bead work with these also. I double looped a few of the rings for strength. I hope they hold up well...

     Stay tuned for the Tinkerbell set I made for my was small and challenging for sure..

    If you haven't tried this craft I encourage it...this is very easy and so much fun and make great gifts too...a great way to use up some of the beads you have hanging around also..

   Once again thanks for stopping by to visit...stayed tuned for more soldered items..


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auntdeedee said...

Those are so adorable!!!!!