Sunday, February 7, 2010

I learnt Something New Yesterday!

My friend Gayle and I went for a class yesterday to learn to make Solder Photo Charms. We had the best time and we both just loved this craft. So much we come home and made if you are local and want to learn this I so reccomend going to Merry Go Round Glass Center ask for Vicki and tell her DeeDee sent you, She is the best teacher, lots and lots of patience and so very kind. So here is what she taught us to do

above is my beginning design.

This glove was stuck in this position....I loved

heres what I got done in class..below is my finished one with a finish called Patina. I love the darker color on several of the ones I have started...yes I have several in the works now. Hooked already!!!

Above shows what Gayle got done..

I got one charm finished in he the Patina....this is for my Daughter's wedding

Here is Gayle's finished charm..

After class we went to Pappsitos for happy hour...We had the best day together. It has been along time since just Gayle and I crafted together...We both loved learning this and will for sure be doing more of it. We had a awesome day together. In the back ground of some of the pictures you will noticed a wood jig...Gayle's boyfreind Kevin made these for us and they were very, very useful on holding our charms. So here they are all polished with beads added and looking pretty 1st one is for my Daughter

And here is the one I made after we come home..I have this angel as a picture in my master bathroom I love her.

I had a idea when I went to the shop, here is my hand drawn design verse the one I picture was to small to use the scalloped edge so had to give that up....Can you see the heart?

I think you all should try this craft , it is so much fun...and look at the loveliness even on your first time. Thanks Vicki I will be back to see you soon I am sure of it...hoping to get a set of ladies to come learn too. If you are local and want to join us ..shoot me a email I will keep you updated..
Have a great day.


Venus said...

Sounds like the best kind of day...crafting and spending time with a friend. Love what you made. Those are beautiful.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Congratulations on your first finished projects. I love making soldered charms and ornaments. It's very relaxing for me.
Have a great day, and keep showing us photos of your newest creations!

Terria said...

These are gorgeous and it looks like you had fun spending time with you friend your projects turned out great!

charlene aka scrappygma said...

DeeDee those are adorable I love fun to spend time with a friend and just create.

Anny said...

Cuteness! That looks like such a fun time :)