Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Snow in Texas

Yesterday brought a full blanket of white started with a sheet of snow...then added a blanket of snow...on top of all that a comforter of snow for a record total of 9.3" .  I havent' seen snow like this in years and it is the fun snowball making snow too...Very heavy winter white. We have to enjoy it quickly because by tomorrow it will be close to gone.

in the beginning Lucky found one small spot of grass left..the snow was coming down so straight it left spots uncovered

Bentley was having a grand time

but then came more snow and Lucky seems to be smiling

soon it became to deep for little Lucky to be out, but Bentley just laid on top of it fully content to be out in it

there were piles of snow everywhere

not sure how I got the blue hues, but I do love them

oh and the poor trees carrying the burden of the white beauty...Mine are all young and strong and with held the snow well

This made it horrible for travel..Texas just isn't perpared for such snow fall. My neighborhood streets go left unattended..I have no shovel ..They were left up North when I moved South...You can bet I will have one next year thou...They were gouging us $40 a shovel... I was lucky and got to enjoy the beauty from home, safe and warm..Today it is starting to falls from trees in big  loud clumps. Bentley got a big wad dropped right on him...but quickly shook it off and went on his back yard romp in the snow again.

my favorite picture is my yard lights with little top little soldiers all in a row

I hope you can enjoy the day as it comes no matter what it might bring...last time it snowed like this here I moved closer to poor little car is not cut out to drive the snow...

I did get a bit of crafting and some house cleaning done, then got called to work for a bit of over time...I can use that..

Enjoy your day the way it is.......



Terria said...

Wow 9" INCHES I had no idea it was so much but I knew the number was up there since it was still snowing at night fall It WAS FUN !! I love it :)

Proper Prim said...

OMG, Dee Dee... you weren't kidding when you said you were buried... this has to be the craziest winter... we have next to nothing here... there is a lot of snow north of us but we have been so lucky in my area... be careful driving... at least you have the experience... there are still people here that drive like it is a summer day and can't figure out why they land in the ditch... stay safe my friend and I hope you don't get anymore of that winter white.

Hugs, Deb

Brenda said...

OMGOSH you did get snow!!! I do think you got more than I did....the photos are just breathtaking I tooo love the blue! And your fur babies are sooo adorable!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! I can't believe TX is getting so much snow. Crazy weather patterns these days. Chicago had a tremor last week. Just never know what is gonna happen. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend. Blessings, Tammy