Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zentangles a Little Better

Ok my friend Sandy showed me some of her Zentangles books... and as you can see I am starting to transform my Tangles....
from the very first one too

My most favorite of all now..

The Wrap

Peace in the Ocean

Went over board on this one... not sure I can save it..



Christmas 2010'


Heart String

Can you see the difference?
I know this year I will be taking lessons in this
 somewhere some how..
so stay tuned....I will get better at this.


Barbara said...

I love it and plan on doing the same this year. Great pics of your great work!

Hugs XX

Paula said...

Ok DeeDee I need to know more what this is. I love it and you are so good getting into fun things. Email me ok?

Teddi said...

what if i like the 1st set better? but u know i'm defiant that way. they still look good.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love the corset also. it reminds of doodling I use to do when I was bored in school! Of course it never looked this good!! Thank You so much for stopping by and OMG how nice of you to put my little mosaic shoe on your side bar, you are so nice and I am so appreciative!!


Angie Palin said...

I just love these...I checked them all out, I definatly can see your growth. looks like a fun craft