Thursday, January 20, 2011

LBH Organizing- Week 2

Ok here we are in Week 2 of the fun Organizing with

and what are we organizing

Small Embellishments

I had a pretty good system for this...
But was so happy to see some of thiers..
So check it out

And then take a look see at mine
These are Jewelry organizer boxes
bought at most stores
Hobby Lobby, Micheals & Wal-Mart

I have me some Brads

And more Brads

And some Eyelets is the deal
you can see at a glance what you have
and what needs refilled
Nice uh...

I even seperated them out into
So easy, grab the Holiday box I need
off I go to Craftland

Have you been there?

It is a great , fun place to be...
For me

And take a peek how well they fit on the shelf.
And you can see thru the ends to know which is
the one you need
( sorry again for bad lighting in craftroom)

So on this one I stuck with the system I already had
becasue it works for me


I did ponder the idea Rhonda had.
to seperate all embellishments by


I could totally seeing this system working for me also
Since I craft by Color.
Will ponder this one some more
Pick the one that works best for you
and get your stash organized so it can
be used and appreciated

Check back we have several more Mondays of organizing tips
coming to this blog for you
well and

The Little Blue House too...hehehe!

Not my idea..just following along with them
And sharing it with you guys
check it all out

Happy Organizing


Fun With This and That said...

It looks so ggod all organized. Good girl Laura

Hugz~Dixie said...

I use those plastic containers too. I think I like the color idea.