Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Craft Party

I know, not the right season to be posting this....
but still a fun time for all to see...
and was a fun time for us all too...
I have an annual Christmas Craft party for the same set of friends and 1 guest every year. I have been doing it for 7 years now.
See these are my good freinds....
my non crafty friends..for the most of them.. 
(we will let you be the judge of that at the end of this post)
I believe everyone can be creative and crafty.
And they never fail me..
or themselves either..

We join together to do some crafts,
catch up with the years events..
we all work or are associated with the railroad
so most times our schedules don't mesh very well....
the age gap spans a few generations
and makes this the most fun mix for me ...
I learn so much from each of them
I so look forward the entire year...
preparing for this one fun day.

Here are the projects that they could choose to make...
or for the brave could spend the day with me and make them ALL!

The Canvas idea I got from

and the original idea come from
check hers out she has done some awesome things with this one tree cut out.

The Christmas Bulb idea I recieved from
she sent me a Halloween one I just adored so had to do these too.

The cards also come from 
this was my first try at Iris Folding..
I am hooked now and making my own desgins

The Two Picture Blocks I desgined last year
at my freinds Christmas Craft party

The Skol Can Jewel Boxes are my favorites to make and give too
you know me and my recycling ways

My freinds all settled into crafting and having a good time.
here is Sandy and Mother/Daughter
Pauline and Becky

And the other Mother/Daughter team, Barbara and Cindy along with
Ann Marie...shes the brave one in the bunch
as you will see later in this post.

Sandy did some lovely work on them blocks, don't you agree?...
She says she has a few more things from home to add to these
and then they will be finished
I think they looked great this way too

She also worked on the tree Canvas....
the letters are a light blue to match the back ground
I love this project becasue they all turn out great
no matter what is done to them
She doesn't like her distessing ..but I loved it..
I think it looks like rusted metals
Give her a vote of confidence my freinds..
she reads my blog

And her lovely rendition of the Iris Fold Christmas Card

Becky did the Jewel Box to start out...
I just love the flower over the knob on the top
I will sneak this idea into a few of mine
and the colors on this were oh so pretty

She also did the Cork Toppers
(which I now realize aren't in my picture above
but you can find them
Here ) or below

aren't they just adorbale?

here is one close up...I just love the personality for this..
Sweet and precious just like my friend Becky

Also she did the card, and made a beautiful fall pumkin

Cindy had to work this day so arrived late....
she was catching up quickly and didn't get to finish some
but the parts she did are beautiful..
I can see some beautiful things coming to life
we will meet again for a follow up
Love the birds in the tree on her canvas..
and the wood texture of her wood block

Barbara, did a Christmas themed tree,
 It looks like candy to me and I loved her
Iris fold card lots too

Then Ann Marie
The Brave one...
stayed to make almost all the projects offered
She crafted late into the night
we talked and laughed and had a bit of fun

her cards turned out awesome too

And a pink little jewel box for her

I loved her picture block, simple in design
but add a picture to this and
it looks so lovely

She also did this lovely one for a childs
school teacher....and the stash from her basket

Her bulbs, which I love turned out awesome.
She always loves the ornaments
So every year I search for one just for her

Remember the railroad deal...
this one is so cute...

I had so much fun this day with all my CRAFTY freinds....
and am already looking forward to next years party

Merry Christmas to you my freinds

Well while Ann Marie was crafting away over there
I put on my crafters hat and started to play a little
I have been having lots of back problems
so wasn't doing much
but I did manage to get this

Longhorn Card
done, this is of my own design
and I must say
I just loved it
and will be making more

Then for a matched set we ofcourse needed
A Texas State Card too
this also my own design

not my needs some work

I hope to offer these designs to you once I tweek them to work everytime
so stay tuned if you do and do Iris folding

Well there you have it..I know it was long...but I cannot skimp on my friendships now can I

thanks for traveling thru my fun day with my freinds
leave me comment on how crafty you think they are
I think they are!!...
I know they are!!.
one day they will know it too..
Happy Crafting to you my blogland freinds
Merry Belated Christmas to you too


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Sandie said...

Fantastic projects, DeeDee. I am sure it was a fun time for all involved. Wish I could have been there. Lady in back...third from left. I want her hair, lol.
A lovely looking group of ladies for sure.