Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Zentangles from Me

I have been busily Tangling away my free time every where I go
not sure if it is correct Zentangle but I am certainly trying it out..

In the Garden

Flower Bud
love this one.



Butterfly Wishes

Love Begins

I was asked to do a dark theme....

Taking a Walk
one of my favorites

Christmas is coming ya know...hehehe!

In the Eye
so far my very favorite

I haven't had any training in the Art of Zentangles and I think you can tell..I call it Zentangles becasue of its random-ness and it patterns and designs..
but you know what I love that I am drawing in any form again...
it has been far to long for me to have been away from this..
very theraputic indeed.

let your Tangle out



Ask Teresa said...

I love all the Zentangles you have posted! I just figured out that I could get updates in my e-mail when you update your blog. I am excited to see all the cool stuff.

MosaicMagpie said...

Whatever they are called, looks fun to me!

Mic said...

I love to Zentangle! Do you know about ? I think that's what it is. Lots and lots of patterns to learn. I keep an artist sketchbook and try new patterns from there all the time. It is so fun and relaxing!

Teddi said...

whatever they are i love them. they freaking rock!