Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Longtime Friends

My freind Charlie (real name Diana) come over with my Rotty to visit Bentley and Lucky... Lucky loves her like he loves me... he doesn't show any difference between the two of us until its time to go has had Kasey for several years now...she lives in the country which is a great place for a dog with so much energy..Kasey was my daughters dog...when she had to move up north and couldn't take her, Charlie took her in. We are all family now

Kasey the Rotty and Lucky have been longtime freinds... she plays so gentle with him... all of his 3.5 lbs verse her about 60 lbs. She is his one and only bestie girlfriend....Bentley on the other hand was petrified of Kasey the first time they met..his bottom jaw quivering
..but now play and roll in the grass like good freinds do....
if your a dog that is...

Excuse the mess on the table...
this was after craft night.

Lucky 3.5 lbs my cutest,
sweetest boy ever

Bentley is so spoiled by all my freinds
he is like a 7 year old boy,
thats what Sandy tells me
she is so right

Lucky in the garage on craft night

Bentley is a true garage dog...
He loves it out there.

As you can see I am a true dog lover....
really I am a true animal lover...
they suck the Love right outta me....
each so precious in thier own way
with thier own personalities.
And yes I talk for them so they are all different

Can you believe Lucky...cute little Lucky
curses like a sailor.

Bentley is like a little Dork Boy

 Kasey is like a Sassy Momma!!!. me, Love my pooches
Sending you all some puppy kisses


BiWuBär said...

Looks like a day of fun for all of you. I can't help it - Bentley is quite a poser, he knows for sure what a handsome little guy he is... and btw, I like Rottweilers, my cousin used to have one, his name was Einstein - a prince of a dog... ;O)


Sassy Marsha said...

Ah, what sweet photos. Love the smile on the Rottie . . . reminds me of my sweet Kodak.

One of our neighbors fosters Rotties. It's a hoot watching her walk 5 or 6 of them at the same time.

Oh, Bentley, you are a ham :)


LollyChops said...

Awwww.. what a sweet glimpse into your beautiful life!

HUGS friend!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

They are just precious DeeDee - what kind of dogs are Lucky and Bentley??

feresaknit said...

It's so great that they all get on. It must be really hilarious to watch them playing together. The Pom I had as a girl was the boss of my Auntie's border collie and then Bernese Mountain dog but unfortunately they didn't really get on.