Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home for a Break

My Daughter called me yesterday with a small surprise... Her hubby Gabe is home from Afganistan for his 2 week break... she posted some great pics on Facebook for me to see.... Well not just for me, but I feel like they are.. I live for them... it is my closest contact out side of Skype. She picked him up at the Airport by herself....and he went to the sitters house to surprise the kids....

here he is waiting for them ..
they thought they were playing Hide n Seek with the other kids

A great picture of them both seeing Daddy!!!

and the full engulf of love in one hug..
This says it all for me
he is such a great dad...
I love him for that
Plus he loves my Girl lots too...
side bonus don't ya think

he always is on thier level when he is with them
all 6' 4" of

tired and worn out from long travels home
gone for a precious moment in time

Aww!! those dimple Smiles that only daddy brings
(ok I am crying as I write this)
yes I am a bawler

A favorite movie on the screen
Prally Goonies or Sand Lot
whats up smalls.

A little girls dream...Being in her daddy's arm
thats a million dollar smile right there.

he come bearing special they are
but nothing compares to
him being there.

My Daughter always expresses herself
in so many ways.
She memoralizes the
Special Day in her own way
She types funny things
and makes us all think
but behind that lense is
A women I am proud of
my own little trooper
all grown up
with weight on her shoulders
I cannot imagine.
I love you my girl
with all a moms heart...

Please all my blogland friends,
 keep our troops in
your daily prayers.
My family is but a small
part of the bigger picture
they need us,
as we need them.
God bless them all
and keep them safe
to love thier family
for now
for always

Love you Srgt. Riley
Mom #2


Proper Prim said...

Amen... Dee Dee that is such a wonderful heartfelt post... thanks so much for sharing it... you can just feel the love pouring from those pictures... it is so hard on the families to have their loved ones so far from home... I am so happy they have this time to catch up, it will be so hard when he has to return. My thoughts and prayers are with them sweetie, give that big guy a huge hug and a big thank you for me.

Thinking of you too Dee Dee, hope all is well. xo

Love and Hugs...

BiWuBär said...

Mom No. 2 - that says it all... wonderful pictures!


Teddi said...

totally awesome (boy did that sound super 80's) <3

T's Daily Treasures said...

So glad to see that Gabe is home for a visit and was able to surprise the kids. That little purse he bought is so cute. Was he able to get out in Kuwait or do they keep them on base and have shopping there? Sending hugs your way. Thanks for the email. Best wishes, Tammy

Amy P said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to meet a "neighbor" :) I love this post! I have a good friend in Kuwait right now and think about him often.

Cindy Rose's Garden said...

Hi Dee Dee, I enjoyed reading your blog and was especially moved by the pics! The service men and women of our country are always in my prayers.

Sandie said...

You made me cry too, DeeDee.
Such beautiful pics. Please thank D for allowing us to share them. And thanks to you too. Such a proud mom and grandma. You deserve much more time with them. I hope you can do so soon.