Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Day.....

 This day started out early since the wedding was at 11AM sharp and we had a 1/2 hour drive to get Salix, IA   I mean Sloan, joke with this

we all were very excited and ready to go...The kids look so beautiful and handsome in thier hand made outfits..Thanks Again Gayle and Sandy for helping me out here..... look at littleman (Devin's) smile precious

onto the church to get the Bride she is with her Maid of Honor Darcey

oh my and look at her hair, veil and flowers with a Tiara too.

beautiful for real
 (she should have been a hairdresser I tell ya)

and Little Miss Danika the Flower girl

we are ready for the walk as Danika called it..

first we have the ring bearer, Devin just wanted to give that pillow to some one...anyone that would take it...he knew his job

then the flower girl Danika being shy and beautiful with her long stem rose

then the moment...the Bride and her Father. She was so happy to be with him

I am glad they were there together, she brought a tear to my eye...ok maybe a few tears starting now...She is so Beautiful

then the ceremony begins, Look at her dress and Gabe....he is always looking at is so sweet

onto the Vows. the 1, 2's and 3's of being married
Always remember them Danielle and Gabe....

and what Danika had been waiting to see....

The Kiss and the Dip...

and next comes the funny part of the wedding ...there is one at every one and you know it...When he dipped her and kissed her ,a bit of his snot dropped into her nose and she snorted it back to this the new way to consemmate the marriage?...I don't know but here is the result of that exchange..

the Nose Wipe...

now to introduce the married Couple...

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Riley

Onto the outside for some Family and Wedding Party Pics

My friend Dee took most of the pics for this wedding with all I had going on I new she would do a good job, and I finally just got to be the Mom..

Gabe and Danielle Riley

Gabe Riley (groom) Darrin Marks (best man)
Danielle Johnson-Riley (bride) and Darcey Irwin (maid of honor)

The Riley's

A Father and Son

A Mother and Daughter

the Riley Family as One

Ok the best part now..the we go clackers and all..
note to self next time make the strings a bit shorter..when they hit the highway ...the clackers hit the back window and about broke
All in fun and tradition

the kids

A Soldier and his Bride,,,with family in tow

Gabe is getting deployed to Aphganistan in early August along with his best man Adam...please keep them in your prayers for saftey and a quick return to this lovely family

Party Time

Gabe's mom Karen works for a sign company so she had this sign made just for them

The Cake

 look at the hearts that match...Thanks Karen, this also turned out lovely and the catering was right on..just what we needed to settle this day.

now...The Cake Smash Incident

she got him good

she can tuck and run well ..she almost got out of it...

not sure what happened to the toast pics will add them if I can find them

and then the happy family all settled and in relax mode for the day
love the loosened tie and barefeet....hehehe!

      We had one more small ceremony we wanted to attend...might seem weird to some but for us it was perfectly natural..we headed to the Cemetary to visit my parents..Danielle's grandparents...they so wanted to see these kids grow up....since my Dad always kept my petal in his wallet..if you seen my earlier post about this...I wanted to share hers with him we set free some of the special rose petals in the wind for my dad to grab one...they were gone in a flash so we know where they favorite picture..

so there you have it...the short story of a wedding between my two kids.. I have known Gabe since he was about 15 or 16 and have watched him grow to be the man that married my daughter...I love him lots and respect him more...his is the father of my grand children and the man that makes my daughter happy...soon a soldier off to fight for our freedom...please keep him in your prayers.

now a fun thing just for him...his friends had a fun time at his bachlor party and gave him this as a gift..

LMAO!!!! for real...

and then my project I hope one day to be involved in....

Danika's Dream Wedding..
she is already dreaming of that day

and lastly I want to thank my special friend Dee for taking all my pictures for me and just being there as my family...I am so very blessed to have her in my life and we all love her lots..

thanks to every one who joined us this Gabe's parents for helping to make this all Danielle's dad for making the day special for her..and thanks for a blessed day I got to be part of....Until one of my grand-kids gets married I am on to other check back soon..



Beth said...

I have so enjoyed seeing all your posts about all the wedding preparations! My son just got married a month ago so I know what it's like! Congratulations on such a beautiful new family!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dee Dee:
What a nice group of photos to commemorate their special day. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Best Wishes to the happy family.

RuthieB said...

What a wonderful day! I feel like I was there! You did yourself proud, girl!!!!!

Elizabeth *^..^* said...

Wonderful post!! Thanks for sharing all of this! I especially love her hairdo. Very cool!

Proper Prim said...

Dee Dee, what a beautiful ending, thanks for sharing this special day with all of us. Everything looked so gorgeous. I love your daughters wedding dress, so simple and elegant. You should be so proud.

Hugs, Deb

charlene aka scrappygma said...

What great pictures ! Congrats to them and you