Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just for Friends

               I went home for vacation and taught a few friends how to solder....we made a birthday gift for a friend along the way and another for a friend who loves to read, and a fairies charm to hang on a purse

             My longtime friend Alice did a great job on her Fairies charm...don't you just love the little dragon fly? I think she did and awesome job and I had so much fun seeing her again and spending the after noon having fun with her.  She also played chalks with my grandkids and taught Danika how to make a of this will come along is her first charm

Then my girl made a key ring for Danika's godmother for her birthday

and my Son-in-law made a book marker for his first project

and me...I got to sit and watch it all happen....add a little tid bit here and there...but I think they all did a fantastic job...every project thier own...and I had a fun time with all of them...I miss them all lots and lots...


1 comment:

Sandie said...

I haven't looked in here for awhile, DeeDee. Everything looks wonderful.
Keep up the great work.
Luv from Aus.