Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ATC Card Swap

      I did an ATC card swap this past month.....it was a Alphabet ATC swap...I got letters "K" and "X" . Not easy letters to work with I tell ya. I will end up with an entire set of alphabet ATC cards...fun uh!.. here is what I come up with....

"K" Kiss

this is my sketch. I always have to make a sketch first
peering thru the window like a peeping Tom.

I took this at an angle so you can see the glare of the window. I wanted it to be like you were peering thru the window to witness the Kiss. So I used acrylic I had cut to size...boy did the guy at Lowe's love me hahaha!
but the results gave me what I was looking for

"the X"  Xtra Xtra Read All About it.

this one was hard for me to get a idea, but here is what I did

made from simple Cardboard

not my best , but this one sure was fun for me to make.. I loved the results.
cannot wait to see what I get in return..

PS: I am doing a swap with ladies from all over the world...You can join us and I can tell you how...you only have to make 6 ATC cards and get many in return...if you are interested email me for the info..I will be so glad to have you join me and my friend Donna ( she told me all about it) over at. Brynwood Needleworks ...you know you want too...

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Beth said...

What does ATC stand for??? I'm new to all this! lol

T's Daily Treasures said...

Well I think these are just fabulous. Especially x-tra, x-tra read all about it as that really took a lot of thought. Fun stuff! :) Tammy

Proper Prim said...

I love your charms... love the Kiss one... great job.

Hugs, Deb

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I love both of the cards, and I don't know what ATC stands for either. So glad you stopped by for a visit. Hope you will come back soon. Also I love your blogs.
Hugs, Pat

Elaine said...

Love the cards you created. I think I'd like to try it...I've never did a swap